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Quotables: Rihanna Talks Chris Brown, Says Beating Incident Was Humiliating

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“It was embarrassing, it was humiliating … I lost my best friend. I was resentful, I had a grudge, I was dark.”

Here’s Rihanna, talking to Oprah on Oprah’s newest talk show, where her homeland of Barbados was discussed (and visited! Rihanna’s childhood home, ooh, ooh!), emotions were dissected, and Chris Brown information was, inevitably, divulged.

Here’s the preview clips if you really want to see ’em:

I’ll admit, this could be an interesting interview. I’d be interested to find out what Rihanna’s got to say. And whether or not she’s going to do the entire interview with the Caribbean accent that comes and goes when it seems most suitable for her. Guess there’s no better time to be talking about all this than now, since she’s going to be going public with that whole dating-Chris-Brown-again thing. We wouldn’t want to forget about that, now, would we?

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