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Kristen Stewart Didn’t Move Out of the Home She Shared With Robert Pattinson, He Told Her to GTFO

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Remember how I told you guys yesterday that Kristen Stewart moved out of her Hollywood home? Well apparently it was legally Rob‘s home, and he told her to get the f-ck out. Sources at claim that Rob told Kristen she had to leave the couple’s shared home, and then later on in the week, Rob himself cleared out. Kristen was rumored to leave shortly thereafter.

From all angles, it looks like everything magical and mystical and enchanting about Kristen is over and done with. Which probably includes her reign at the box office as The Queen of Current Up-and-Coming. Even Hollywood publicists are jumping on the bandwagon and claiming that Kristen’s pretty much done herself in, and that no one in Hollywood can understand why she did what she did (announce her cheating, that is, not the cheating itself). From the Huff Po:

“The only thing more stupid than being famous and cheating in public is admitting it and issuing a public apology. Most celebrities are advised to ignore it or issue statements saying the pictures were taken out of context. Everyone in Hollywood is asking why she confessed to this so fast.”

Another source at the Post says that what she did was “career suicide”:

“This was career suicide. Because of her statement, Us Weekly [which had the exclusive images] was up 25 percent in newsstand sales. The number guarantees the story will be on the weekly covers again this week. If Kristen thought the statement would get ahead of the story and suck the oxygen out of the fire, she is wrong. She just poured gas on the fire.”

What do you guys think—is Kristen’s career in the shitter, along with her reputation for being a level-headed young thing with a penchant for ‘faithful’?


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  • Am I the only one that thinks Rob is acting like an immature ass? Running home to mommy and daddy instead of manning up and talking to his woman about what has happened?

    • lol what do you mean.. what is there to say. she admitted it, what more is there to discuss. how long should he be talking to her about it if in the end he doesn’t want to be with someone who can cheat on him.

    • Have you ever been in that position? Being cheated on fucking hurts and for a while you really, really don’t want to talk to whoever cheated on you. He has behaved like a normal human being.

  • I don’t think it’s childish to turn to your family for support and comfort when the roof falls in on your life. However, I DO think her career is over (except for maybe Dancing with the Stars or some other whore-out reality show). Let’s face it: she wouldn’t have been Joan Jett if it weren’t for Twilight. She’s untalented and she got a break that about 1,000 other real actresses should have had.

  • shouldn’t the director take the biggest hit since he was actually married? once again the woman take the brunt of the hit …..

    • Thanks John. I absolutely agree. It’s him who chose to cheat on his wife, with whom he had kids, and she’s getting the worst part of it all.

  • I say good for Rob Pattinson. He’s said in the past he doesn’t abide cheating, so he’s just walking like he talks it.

    There’s are LOTS of gorgeous women, including many famous ones, who would jump at the chance to be with him. Now they get their opportunity.

  • I agree that her carrer is over because Twilight made her who she is! If she hadn’t made a public apology, maybe things could be different. Since according to some reports, she had one day’s notice, she should have went directly to Robert and admitted it there. Though I love them both, I am ashamed of Kristen, cause cheating is just downright digusting.

    • seriously. why the heck didn’t she talk to him first? or maybe she did, and he just reacted badly – as he should? it’s like she freaked out or something. poor girl. i feel bad – true it’s a big mistake but she’s totally gettting the brunt of it and now her whole life is being speculated by the public. :/

  • Wow, it’s sad if a celebrity coming out and saying, “I screwed up and I’m sorry” is career-ending. Not that cheating is right, and I can’t stand Kristen Stewart, but admitting she did something terrible is a respectable move.