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Ashlee Simpson Is Jealous of Jessica’s Baby

A photo of Ashlee Simpson

You know, I’m a lot like Anne Frank in that despite everything, I believe that people are really good at heart. There are a few exceptions, of course, but I truly believe that as a whole, humans really do mean well. But that’s not to say that the vast majority of people can’t be really shitty at times, because obviously they can, Ashlee Simpson:

When Ashlee Simpson gave birth to her son, Bronx, three and a half years ago, her sister, Jessica, was a doting aunt.

“Jessica also sent gifts,” a family friend says. But when Jessica became a mom on May 1, Ashlee didn’t return the affection.

“Ashlee is jealous of the attention and the money Jessica is getting for losing her baby weight,” the friend reports. The source says Ashlee, 27, has always had a chip on her shoulder about growing up in Jessica’s shadow. When Bronx was born, Ashlee felt like she had a leg up, because all eyes were on her – but now, thanks to Maxi, Jessica has stolen the spotlight again. Ashlee’s responded by checking out of her sister’s life.

“She doesn’t call, and she certainly doesn’t help Jessica,” the friend says. Jessica was so hurt that she chose her pal CaCee Cobb to be her daughter’s godmother, instead of her sister. “She misses Ashlee,’ says the friend. “But she’s really angry that she doesn’t give a sh-t about her niece.”

People like this drive me absolutely crazy because they refuse to just grow the f-ck up already. I can’t stand it, and I really don’t understand it. If Ashlee is really ignoring Jess and her baby because she’s jealous of the attention she’s getting, then she can just go eat a bag of dicks as far as I’m concerned. Or, more appropriately, she can go eat a bag of penis candy with Suri, because she’s acting like a goddamn child. Grow. Up.

Another thing that pisses me off about this, as long as I’m ranting: why do people let relationships suffer because of such trivial things? I hate when people think that a relationship exists on very specific terms, and if those terms evolve, then that automatically means that it’s over. Do you know what I mean? Like, for instance, with Jessica and Ashlee, and Ashlee is the mom, and Jess is the fun cute simple girl, but then something changes and boom, relationship over. Why can’t someone just say “oh, time has passed, and things change, so our relationship has to change with the times”? Wouldn’t that be easier than bitching and moaning about everything? Like, if something really meant all that much to you, wouldn’t you just accept that it’s going to evolve instead of making things unnecessarily difficult and/or completely cutting all ties?

See, who needs therapy when I’ve got you guys!

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  • That is EXACTLY my sister. She has been that exact sort of cunt ever since I was born.

  • Actually Ashlee doesn’t care about much but clothes, her hair and style, chatting with her pals and working occasionally..

  • You seriously just compared yourself to Anne Frank in an article about Jessica Simpson? For real?

  • Ashlee Simpson really seems like the type of person who is constantly jealous of her older sister. Totally believe this is true. Selfish b*tch.