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Kate Gosselin Makes Her Kids Watch Old Episodes of Kate Plus 8

A photo of Kate Gosselin

Do you see that expression that Kate Gosselin has on her face right there? That’s her “I swear to God, I swear to God, I do everything for you ungrateful little bastards and you can’t do this one thing for me, this one thing, so see if I ever buy you a goddamn Happy Meal ever again” face. That one thing she wants her kids to do, by the way? Hang out and watch reruns of Kate Plus 8. Yeah, I’d sacrifice a Happy Meal to avoid that, too.

But really, here are a few recent updates from Kate’s Twitter:

We are watching the St Jude’s episode… I am crying… Happy and sad tears.. Old episodes of Jon&Kate+8 warms our hearts…

Wow. We all agreed: we miss our show&the adventures and huge opportunities to help and entertain :)others! Why am I watching and crying??!:)

Those poor kids. They really want another reality show bad, huh? Definitely. I totally believe that two 12-year-olds and six eight-year-olds just love to sit around with their creepy old mom and watch themselves on television, which I’m sure they enjoyed the first time around. Totally.

Now here’s the version with no sarcasm: I wish Kate Gosselin would just shut the f-ck up about this already and quit pretending that her kids want all the same things that she wants. Everyone knows and nobody cares that she’s the one who desperately misses the reality show fame, not the kids. I never thought I’d say this, but can someone please get Jon primary custody here?

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  • Its home movies to them. My kids-that are close to her kids ages- like watch our home movies.

  • Leave Kate Gosselin alone. She could have replaced Savannah Guthrie and got better ratings. I like Kate, and have since the wedge haircut days. She needs a break.

  • She could still do all the things w/ her children that she did while they were being taped.

  • Josh sadi to leave Kate alone. WE want to leave her alone…she just won’t go away!
    As for her needing a break, well, she hasn’t ‘worked’ in a year. Just hangs around the pool and tans, occasionally getting up to feed the kids 3 grapes and 4 crackers. Split 8 ways. Thats a pretty good break to me.
    Kate should snap back into mediocrity she despises so much and get a J.O.B! Get it thru your head Kreider…TV deosn’t want you there. Your big mouth and rotten attitude & enitlement ruined every opportunity you were offered. Cry a river Kate….then drown in it.