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Tom Cruise Says the Divorce is Not Over Scientology, Duh

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From TMZ:

Katie Holmes may say her decision to divorce Tom Cruise is over Scientology, but it’s NOT … so say sources directly connected to Tom.

Our sources tell us … they believe Katie and her team are leaking false stories to the media by maintaining she was trying to save Suri from the grips of Scientology, and that’s why she left Tom.

As one well-connected Tom source put it, “She [Katie] was totally committed to Scientology. She had enthusiasm for it and would voluntarily and gladly participate in it when Tom was off shooting movies.”

The source adds, “This is not a fight over religion. It’s being used as a way to hurt Tom.”

And on the subject of hurting Tom, as we first reported, sources connected with the actor tell us Katie’s people have made it difficult for him to speak with Suri by phone, but he’s talked to her every day. He has no immediate plans to see his daughter because he’s leaving today or tomorrow to shoot his new movie in the Rockies.

Tom’s lawyers have not filed any docs in court — yet — to establish his custodial rights. If that happens, we’re told they will file in New York, although it’s pretty clear they will ask to have the case sent to California.

And, as for what Tom’s people say the divorce is really about …. they won’t say yet, but tell us it’s coming.

I don’t know. First, Katie doesn’t exactly strike me as the “hurt him while you can” type, but I’ve been wrong before. Second, I don’t believe a damn thing that comes out of Tom Cruise‘s (rep’s) mouth. Hell to the motherf-cking no. As for Katie being “totally committed” to Scientology? Well. Maybe in the beginning, when she was this naive little schoolgirl who had nothing better to do than read up on what her big ol’ crush was into, but for awhile now? No, I hardly think so. “She had enthusiasm for it and would voluntarily and gladly participate in it [Scientology].” Yeah, or f-cking else, right? I could be pretty damn cheerful if I were under the gun, too.

Tom Cruise—I’d say just “stop,” but if I’m being completely honest with you, myself, and everyone else interested in this story, I don’t want you to. I want you to keep leaking these demi-statements about your marriage and how perfect you thought it was and how “blindsided” you were to the fact that “the love of your life” was so f-cking unhappy for so f-cking long and you were too good and genteel and on such a higher plane than everyone else that you somehow missed it. No, I’d prefer you keep it coming, because it just seems like it’s going to get better and better as the days go by.

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  • Ooooh yes.. this time his side of the story-screwing scheming is gonna backfire in his face..

  • That would all be fine except even Katie Holmes herself has not publicly said that this divorce has anything to do with Scientology. Why do people have to speculate? Why not just let these people handle their business?

  • His “rep” sucks at spin. NOT ABOUT SCIENTOLOGY over and over again….and again. Talk about protesting too much. It’s totally about Scientology, everyone knows it. If he’s trying to gain some legal ground, I think he’s blowing it. He’s screaming he’s innocent when nobody has really busted him yet. I will be Tom Cruise’s unofficial new rep. My first media release: “As Mr. Cruise’s new rep, I have duct-taped my client’s mouth shut. But before I could completely cover his mouth he said,”Katy is a wonderful mother.”