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Katie Holmes Is Taking This Divorce Public

A photo of Katie Holmes

Do you enjoy court dramas? Does the wild and wacky world of Scientology interest you? Have you been lying awake at night for the past few days, tossing and turning, unable to sleep until you check online just one more time for any new gossip on Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise? Then this is the divorce for you! If you live in or around New York City, or if you have the means to travel there, then Katie Holmes wants YOU to sit in on her divorce trial. Field trip?

From Hollywood Life:

“Katie filed an ‘emergent application’ in New York City on July 3,” our source tells us. “It’s a motion seeking temporary emergency relief, which can include child support and custody. It also means that Tom is going to have to hire a New York lawyer — he can’t use his Calif. lawyer anymore. The motion also means that both Tom and Katie have to be present in court on July 17. A judge is now assigned to their case, which means it’s no longer going to be an out-of-court settlement. They are scheduled to appear before Judge Matthew Cooper on July 17 at 9:30 AM.”

Our source also said this filing sends a very clear message to Tom.

“Katie doesn’t anticipate Tom cooperating, and there have been rumors that he’s going to file in Calif. and argue that litigation should be there rather than New York. Bottom line: if you file an emergency motion, you don’t believe there’s going to be cooperation from the other party or you need an order that only the court can give. It might have something to do with trying to control the media.They filed under anonymous verses anonymous to avoid the media. Most celebs do that.

“It’s unlikely for a celebrity to file an emergency hearing, because most celebrities settle out of court because they don’t want the media involved in their case. Katie and Tom are now going to have an open court room, which means that anyone can walk in and see what’s happening. Plus, they are putting their case in the hands of a judge who is going to determine what happens next. Most public figures don’t want that — it’s a last resort. It’s super-aggressive for Katie to have taken these steps. It suggests that there’s going to be a contentious divorce battle to come.”

Oh, please let this be true. I want nothing more than for Katie to give Tom a big ol’ “f-ck you.” Or, you know, a bigger one than she’s already given him. I want Katie to spill all of Tom’s dirty Scientologist secrets in crowded courtroom, and I want photos Tom Cruise crying on his lawyer’s shoulder. And if you think that’s cruel, then take a look back at this picture, and I think you’ll realize that Tom deserves whatever’s coming to him.

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  • That’ll teach you not to lie, cheat and bully women Tom. Bested by timid, wallflower Katie, ha ha.

  • I think that whichever Evil Beet lives closer to NYC should take a business trip and go to the trial. Of course I’m European so I have no idea how big distances are in the US — in my mind, Boston is an hour away from New York. However, I think it’d be pretty ace if you could do it yeah.