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More Octomom Body Pictures if You Feel Like Gouging Your Eyes Out Today

photo of nadya suleman on the beach pictures
What’s with the dark, sunken eyes? It’s frightening! I’m going to be honest, and put all of my Haterade back in the fridge, and I’m going to go ahead and say that there are parts of Nadya Suleman‘s body that are generally OK. She’s got some impressive boobs for having a thousand kids, and her legs aren’t all that awful, either. The rest … well, some of it’s “meh,” some of it’s “OH F-CK WHAT IS THAT I’M LOOKING AT?!”

But her eyes, guys. I’m seriously frightened. They’re so corpsey and empty and HOLLOW. Those eyes.

The best thing about these pictures is that they weren’t even for a shoot. No, they were just captured by random photographers in West Palm Beach, Florida, earlier this month. This is what Octomom does during her downtime between filming solo porn videos, having public orgasms, and fellating small-cranked bodybuilders. This.

And what a super lady, too. Can you imagine the tremendous pressure she’s under to keep up porno appearances, satisfy her man, howl like a dog with a broken leg for Howard Stern, frolic on the beach, and take care of all those kids she has? Talk about bringing home the bacon and fryin’ it up in a pan. WOO GURL.

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  • Jwoww…(or is it Jwwow???) has that SAME bizarre belly button!!! What IS that?!?!?

  • SHe looks like a brunette donatella versace (sorry Donatella!!) – And she has intense Man-Hands like a seasoned carpenter.

  • Her belly button looks like that from the tummy tuck she had, won’t gore you all out but there’s ‘repositioning’ and ‘stretching’ involved. Apparently.

  • You really think a random photographr took those? LOL They are part of her skin flik tour promo and FL strip gig there. The shots you’ll really nead standby psych help for if you view are closeups of her mutilated bullet hole Vjj circulating the web. Totally freakish.

  • All I see is a young-ish woman who made a crazy decision to bring too many children into her world, has no marketable skills, probably wished she could go back in time and undo her decisions and is now pandering herself for money. Sad, really.