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Love It or Leave It: LeAnn Rimes’ Creepy Birthday Cake

A photo of Eddie Cibrian and LeAnn Rimes

This past Sunday, poor Eddie Cibrian turned 39. Lucky for him, his loving wife, LeAnn Rimes decided to make the day extra special by getting him a very personalized birthday cake. Would you like to see it?

She posted that photo on Twitter, along with the caption “Eddie’s favorite things bday cake. LOVE there was a Lakers jersey, a Bronco, a paddle board and more!” Apparently Eddie’s list of favorite things also includes banging LeAnn in bed while his two sons just sort of chill and wait to go to the park or whatever. Uh, that’s cool.

It’s just weird that LeAnn would think to do this, you know? Like “oh, it’s my husband’s birthday, and also it’s Father’s Day! We’ll have a party with the kids and everything, so I’ll get a cake! You know what would be cute? A ‘favorite things’ theme! I’ll just go ahead and put us literally in bed together right on the top.” Maybe I’m just a big ol’ prude, but it would never cross my mind to put something like that on a birthday cake that’s for everyone to see.

And here’s another fun picture that she posted on Twitter over the weekend:

A photo of LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian

The caption for this one? “Just two happy people loving life.” Who is she trying to convince?

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  • The cake represents Leann’s favorite things to taunt Brandi with. If this was truly a favorite things cake for Eddie, then how come there isn’t any money, Don Julio, Lizzy, other women, a sports car, watch, plane tickets to Aspen, Cabo, or Hawaii on the cake?

    Teh cake shows just how bad her marriage to Eddie truly is. The only way Leann can make her hubby be faithful and sleep with her without having to pay or give him alcohol is via a cake!

  • Eddie appears drunk in this photo. He must be in a near-continuous state of inebriation….having to go and have sex with that anorexic, horse mug. Dear God is LeAnn UGLY! She is also extremely insecure…having married a man she stole via an ugly affair. Whatever happened to her so-called career? She is nothing more than a joke….a constant source of Twitter and gossip rags. Way to go LeAnn! Now go get your hubby another drink so he can stand looking at you. Blech!