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Blind Items: Spousal Rebellion and Melting Mugs

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From Blind Gossip:

This actress – who worked much more several years ago than she does now – has found the perfect way to annoy her controlling husband. He always insisted that she not step foot out of the house unless she was looking her best (full hair, makeup, clothes) because she was a “reflection of his image”.

But now that they have quietly separated, she consistently walks out of the house in casual clothes and messy hair and no makeup (even when her destination isn’t the gym). Of course, the paparazzi are there, just waiting to snap her photo. Her publicist called and said, “Do you realize how much you’re p*ssing him off when you do that?” She replied, “Absolutely!” and giggled. Sounds like it’s just her little way of reclaiming her life.

OK, I read, like, the first four words of this blind item and I automatically solved it. I mean, come on. It’s totally Katie Holmes. I definitely wasn’t surprised, because Katie’s practically made a career out of going out in public all a mess* lately. But the quiet separation part? I completely dig it. I’ve been hoping that Katie might come to her senses and take back some of her independence, but I didn’t think that it’d go as far as a separation.

*Of course she’s not “a mess,” because she’s practically just rocking the look that I do all of the time, and I just cannot fathom un-flat-ironed hair, no makeup, and non-designer dresses as “a mess.” Please.

In related Blind Items, this one kind of goes hand-in-hand with the first. Also from Blind Gossip:

In the late 00?s, his face was starting to sag and lose its elasticity. His face pretty much fluttered in the breeze as he ran. He had lines around his eyes and bags under them.

Now, frankly, this is not a big deal. All faces age. Really! But this ego maniacal liar wants you to believe that he is no mere mortal, and that his looks are all natural because he lives such an extraordinary life. That’s right, People! He’s not like you! He works hard to stay young! He has never had plastic surgery and never will! Or so he claims.

Here’s the truth: He had a nose job when he was in his teens (he had the bridge thinned out). He had his teeth completely redone (although we wouldn’t include teeth in the plastic surgery category). He had his eyeballs replaced. He had a mid-section face lift and lower blepharoplasty (eye job) around 2009. He is currently holding off on upper eye work (because that would drastically change his look). Now he just has regular injections of Botox and Restylane to freeze things up and plump them out. Hey, it’s good work, he doesn’t look “done”, and his face settled in nicely six months after the plastic surgery. But it’s still plastic surgery. And he is still a liar.

I’m saying that these two are related, because in my eyes (ones that I—ugh!—have not had “replaced”) it has just got to be Tom Cruise. I’m saying Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise for both. Thoughts?

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  • You are SO RIGHT on both of these. HAS to be them.

    Tom Cruise definitely had some work done over a year ago (if you look at pics from 2009 and then last year, you see BIG difference in his appearance. He was getting some serious ‘laugh lines’ and now they’re suddenly gone – and he had braces back when he was with Penelope Cruz (his teeth were way crooked in the 80’s-90’s).

    And as for Katie.. well… she’s stressing something major to have so many grey’s sprouting the way they are now. I hate to say it.. but she’s probably stressing over the fact that IF she makes a real PUBLIC break for it.. she’ll see Suri as much as Nicole see’s Connor and Isabella (which is practically never) — she’ll be completely shut out, because there is NO WAY Tom is letting that little one go.

    • I saw this comment on another website with the same story.
      “Everyone needs to relax. The “eyeballs replaced” is a not-so-subtle hint at his role in Minority Report where….he had his eyeballs replaced”
      So, Tom Cruise it is then.

  • How long have Tom and Katie been married! Didn’t he divorce Nicole Kidman at the 10 year mark for some reason? I can’t remember why but it had to do with being married before 10 years! I remember it took her by surprise and she was so shocked!