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Here Are Kristen Stewart’s Elle Photos for Those of You Who Didn’t Hate the Interview

photo of kristen stewart pictures photos elle magazine 2012
And for those of you who did? Well, I guess they’re for you, too, but I can tell you that there’s probably a significant amount of … I don’t know, lost upon you if you were one of those who thought her recent interview was total crap. And for you? Let me just say—Kristen Stewart’s still practically a teenager. I mean, no, she’s not, but for as awkward and creepy as she used to be all over interviews and awards shows, that interview probably showed a side of her that’s actually real. So she uses the f-ck word in every other sentence. Duh, I can remember a time when I did, too, because I was under the impression that it was so tough and bad-ass of me. Eventually I grew to the point where my vocabulary expanded beyond ‘f-ck’ as its highlight, and f-ck slowly eked its way out of my daily verbiage to a point where it was practically gone except for when I’m alone and I stub my toe on something on my way to get a glass of milk in the middle of the night. You grow up. Sometimes it happens.

As for her over-exuberance over just about everything that she hates, I think that’s part of being a young actress with no filter, too. And her car? I remember those days, guys, and I’m not going to lie or sugar-coat the fact that when I was younger and playing in a band and sleeping until 2 or 3 in the afternoon that my car wasn’t in bad shape at all. Because it was. Oh god, one time I had f-cking fruit flies in my car because I had some kind of food item buried in the backseat somewhere (it was a banana. Time flies like the wind, fruit flies like bananas). It was disgusting. There were empty cigarette packs, some of the week’s prior clothes, empty food sacks, half-empty food sacks, papers and show fliers and parking tickets, empty lighters, stray matches, old, clumpy, sticky lip gloss containers … you name it, it was probably there. For at least a week at a time or more.

So I can understand where some of you guys are coming from, saying that Kristen Stewart‘s all sorts of pretentious and obtuse and whatever else because she’s got the world by the balls and shows no appreciation, but I’m going to say on her behalf that you’re only young once and sometimes? This is how people just are. When they’re young, you know. Yeah, maybe I’m always on the Kristen Stewart defense, and maybe it’s because there’s a little part of me that I see in her and her young ways, but GUYS. She just turned twenty-two. What were you like at that age, hm? And is it so wrong if it was way different than what Kristen is? Or vice versa?

I love this bitch.