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Twilight Stars Are Now Going to Be Super-Rich

Kristen Stewart and Rob Pattinson were each paid $2M to star in the hugely successful first Twilight film, based on a series of teen-vampire novels by Stephanie Meyer (who makes a kind of cute cameo in the film). But for the sequel? It looks like they’re each getting at least a $10M raise, plus a cut of the next film’s box-office take. Not bad at all, kids.

I saw the flick this weekend, and I liked it a lot more than I thought I would. And I thought both Kristen and Rob were great in it, despite some of the shit Kristen’s taken from critics. I thought she was endearing and convincing and perfect for the role, and she’s ever so adorable. And Rob Pattinson? If you’re ever having trouble finding someone to have sex with, seriously, I’m just a phone call away. I love you. I was never too impressed with the dude in all the red-carpet photos I’d seen of him, but, on screen? He’s sex personified. It’s awesome.

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  • Well, what an about face! Since when did you jump on the Robert Pattinson band wagon? What are they giving out crack at these screenings? I think there is some serious brainwashing going on….. I mean, yeah, he’s attractive, but not sex personified surely. You’ve been swept away with the hype. I like Kristen Stewart, she seems, well, kinda normal actually.

  • @Mrs Mia

    The writer talking about Robert this weekend was Wendie, our fabulous weekend editor, not me!

    And if you see the film you’ll know what I mean!

  • mia i think its wendie who has not jumped on the so called pattinson bandwagon.

    these two look like siblings, ech.

  • Ive liked Robert since he was in Harry Potter (so long ago, eh?) as Cedric Diggory.. He was very hot. And now all these tweenies are all ga-ga over him

    Although he is pretty delish in the movie.. Apparently he had to get a six pack for that movie.

    Hey for $2M I’d do it too ;)

  • I’m soooooooo relieved he’ll be rich now! It was touch and go there for a second for sure! There are 3 or 4 more books in the series, so this will be a neverending saga like the HP movies.

    Finally, he’ll be able to afford a comb. I’m just so happy for him.

  • Oh, you are both fabulous editors. It is Tuesday where I am, my mistake, I didn’t put two and two together. Yeah, I am totally going to have to check this phenomena out. I’m just scared that I won’t be the same person at the end…….do they let you keep the little piece of your brain at the end? :)

  • Rob is sexy but I wouldn’t get near him with that hair. It’s crazier in real life than in the movie!

    A Twilight review I heard on the radio cracked me up: “Rob Pattinson walks in, with 6 inches of hair atop 6 inches of forehead…”

  • K.S. facial expressions annoy me endlessly. Even more than her outfits. And they’re simply atrocious most of the time.

  • K.S.’s facial expressions annoy me endlessly. Even more than her outfits. And they’re simply atrocious most of the time.

  • I remember that child being ridiculously talented and precocious, but the last things I saw her in were Panic Room and The Safety of Objects… her first two movies. So, when she was 11.

    I don’t like her starring opposite that beautiful man. It makes me feel old. And pedophiley.

  • if anyone has a crush on Robert Pattison I say if u walked down the street and saw the real him scruffy beard and all u wouldnt think hottie all those girls and guys like is the characters he plays

    • i’ve seen him wit his crazy hair and beard and i still thikn he’s pretty DAMN SEXY

  • I think they are both gorgeous, in the movie and out. I am a fan of the have-yet-to-brush-or-bathe style that Robert Pattinson sports.

    They both did a very solid job in the film. Hopefully the next movie will be just as good, if not, better!

  • I’m sooo sick of Kristen Stewart. Totaly wrong for Bella. She always talks and looks like shes a complete bitch. So annoying.

    • i agree. she doesnt act like bella. but she looks like her: she s not pretty , but some see her really attractive. i cant imagine why ..

  • I’m sorry I love his Just Been Fucked hair. He plays with it constantly when he gets nervous and such. I like it. He should never have a beard though- I saw one of his pictures when he had a beard and dear god. It was like “No. Just No.” but then he shaved again and I was happy.

  • Ummmm….BLECK! Sorry, I just don’t get it! They both look like shit. I saw KS on the Today Show, and frankly the girl acted like it was a pain in her ass to even be there. Although he was much better, I don’t think he is even close to sex on a stick. I am calling Bullshilt.

  • I thought she was perfect for Bella in the movie. She did a great job. She can look all bitchy if she wants; at least she can act halfway decently.

  • Hm…can’t help it, but I find him yummie too……. hmmm…. what I would do to him, if I were Single…

  • Ugh. I feel like I saw this exact same couple standing outside the soup kitchen this morning waiting for it to open. I hope his money will stretch to cover his heretofore underfunded soap, shampoo and hairbrush budget.

    I know whatserface is all full of herself now that she’s a movie star but her PR people should teach her a new facial expression for posing, one that doesn’t personify “smug as all hell.” Sweeite, the man next to you looks like his only goal in life is to bum cigarettes off pedestrians. Dial down the smugface.

  • Beet, you HAVE to find a better picture of him that more closely resembles him in the movie. Everything I have seen posted on here is hideous. I KNOW that you can find something to make people realize that he isn’t this nasty.

  • I cannot take thhis guy seriously. He reminds me of an intern that used to work with me. He was always stoned and never got a hair cut. It is not just Beet, he always looks like ass.

  • Yes, beet find more pictures of him and her please. I dont think that picture is acceptable to be in this site.

  • she does look dead to me too.
    but really i dnt think she did much of a good job as bella
    bella is a main character
    she didnt really make as if it was
    too dead

  • every time i see a pic of them looking all super disgruntled like this, i laugh. i love it.
    i don’t think she’s dead, i think she’s just really burnt out cause she smoked too much weed this morning and didn’t drink/take enough coffee/adderall.