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Kristen Stewart Does Another Semi-Endearing Interview

A photo of Kristen Stewart

I don’t want to come out and say that I’m a Kristen Stewart sympathizer, but I feel like I might be becoming sort of a Kristen Stewart sympathizer. I still think she’s a bad actor, but I don’t hate her in interviews so much anymore. Maybe I’ve made an attempt to consider the possibility that she’s not the whiny brat she seems to be sometimes, or maybe I’m getting soft in my old age (I turn 24 next month!). I don’t know, but I can actually stand her these days.

Here are some excerpts from Kristen’s not entirely annoying appearance on The Graham Norton Show:

It was possibly one of the most talked-about movie sex scenes of all time. But now Kristen Stewart has come forward to admit that her passionate encounter with real-life boyfriend Robert Pattinson in The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1, was actually edited because it was too sexy.

Kristen made the admission as she was interviewed on The Graham Norton Show in scenes to be shown on the programme tonight.

Talking about the intimate scenes, Kristen said: “It is a bit full on but it’s edited. I see scenes and I think why is music playing over that, I was definitely making sounds and it could be so sexy and it’s not. The ratings’ board breaks it down so technically and apparently, thrusting is a huge problem for the children.”

Kristen, who was seen leaving her London hotel with boyfriend Pattinson this morning, also spoke about how she deals with the more enthusiastic Twilight fans, or ‘Twi-hards’ as they are nicknamed.

She added to Norton: “I don’t have to deal with as much as you might think.  People don’t scream at me on the street. That really doesn’t happen. I am getting better at spotting them. Their characteristics give them away. I really like them.”

But for now, Kristen is busy promoting her latest movie, Snow White And The Huntsman, in which she has one particularly violent scene which saw her ‘rough up’ co-star Chris Hemsworth.

Talking about injuring Hemsworth, Kristen said: “He’s a huge sex symbol so he needed a bit of roughing up!  It wasn’t too bad, I left a mark but he was able to keep working. I punched him right out of his close up. It’s funny now but when it happened I thought, ‘I have just ruined the movie and I love this thing and we are going to have to stop filming.'”

I don’t think I’m ever going to love Kristen Stewart. I don’t even think I’m ever going to really like her. But I think I’m starting to be able to stand her. And that’s a lot of growth on my part.