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That Reality Show About Whitney Houston Is A Star Vehicle for Bobbi Kristina

A photo of Bobbi Kristina

Yeah, that creepy new reality show I told you guys about yesterday, the one starring Bobbi Kristina and the rest of Whitney Houston‘s family? It’s supposed to focus on them coping with their loss, but also it’s going to be about Bobbi Kristina and how she’s such a star.

From TMZ:

Whitney Houston’s mother is telling friends … she fully supports the idea of a family reality show because she believes the exposure will be GREAT for Bobbi Kristina’s singing career.

As we previously reported, the family just inked a TV deal with Lifetime to star in a reality show that will follow Whitney’s relatives in the wake of the singer’s untimely death.

Houston family sources tell TMZ … Cissy Houston knows BK shares Whitney’s passion for music … and she believes a reality show could be the perfect place to showcase Bobbi’s talent.

We’re told … Cissy also believes a reality show will “help with the healing process” by “keeping the family as one.”

Cissy also likes the fact that her “extended family” will be making money from the deal.

But don’t expect Kardashian-style antics on the Houston show — producers are suggesting it will have a more serious tone … at least for now.

Am I the only one who doesn’t understand how this show can do both things? Are they going to sit in a circle and talk about Whitney before Bobbi Kristina sings a heartfelt cover of “I Will Always Love You”? Or will they focus on how Whitney Houston isn’t truly gone because a piece of her lives on in Bobbi Kristina? Because neither of those things sound too awesome.

By the way, here’s a video that TMZ posted of Bobbi Kristina singing “Someone Like You.” It was posted last September, but I haven’t seen it, and some of you probably haven’t either:

She’s not horrible, right? But I just don’t think there’s any way for her to be really successful, not without a voice as big or bigger than Whitney’s. But hey, if you don’t star in a creepy, exploitative reality show in an attempt to achieve stardom, you’ll never know what could have been.

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  • Damn, this girl is freaky U-G-L-Y! It would take everything to watch this mess sing…never gonna happen…TOO MUCH FUGLY going on!

  • Opportunity knocks…no ones answering. I’ll never watch this ship wreck. Might as well put Bobby Brown in the mix. I’m a little sick to my stomach !

  • It has to be so painful to be what, 19 years old and know tht you’ll never be as talented or attractive as your mother. Even if you live to 100. She does look exactly like bobby brown, and sounds like a mess. Not a hot mess, just a sad mess.

  • Yeesh…… I mean, shes not elephant man ugly, but she surely isn’t attractive!! This just has train wreck written all over it….

  • She comes from a family renowned for their vocal abilities does she really need a reality show to help her career ? I would think she could just call Clive Davis.

    • Except that her vocal abilities aren’t all that great. Gotta get famous in a different way…