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Everybody’s Talking About Lisa Turtle’s Face

A photo of Lark Voorhies

In March, we were all talking about what happened to Ashley Judd‘s face. In April, we were all talking about Ashley Judd talking about us talking about her face. But now it’s May, and Ashley Judd has gotten enough press about her face, so now we have to talk about something else. And that something else is – you guessed it – Lisa Turtle’s face.

Lisa Turtle, known to some by her mortal name, Lark Voorhies, starred on everyone’s favorite high school sitcom, Saved by the Bell, in the early 90’s. That means that during the last season of the show, in 1993, she was just 19 years old. And now, nearly 20 years after that, her face looks a little different. Unbelievable, right? Can you imagine that you might actually look different in 20 years? How mortifying!

But no, I get it. Lisa Turtle’s face does look quite a bit different, even from how it looked just last year:

A photo of Lark Voorhies

See? And now here’s her new face in action:

I don’t think it’s plastic surgery though. She has gained a little bit of weight (you know, since she was 19), but I don’t think it’s just that either. Her whole face just looks wider, doesn’t it? Her eyes look like they’re farther apart, her nose looks wider, and so does her mouth. I guess it could be some sort of medication that’s making her face look different, but really, I think the problem is really, really bad makeup.

I don’t know all that much about makeup, but after seeing that one picture of Katy Perry, I know that it can change your entire appearance. I can’t pinpoint exactly what it is, so maybe you guys could help me out, but it seems like the darkness of her lower face along with the lightness of the skin around her eyes could be doing it. Is that possible?

Either way, you keep doing your thing, Lisa Turtle. You’ll always be my favorite lady from Bayside!

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  • I’ve read some black bloggers talking about how that looks like skin bleaching, which is still very widespread in Africa and Asia, and even though it is banned in the US and Europe, you can still find the products if you know how to look for them. Apparently, when you bleach your skin not only does it lose colour, but it becomes tight, almost like a mask. Perhaps any lovely black commenters can confirm this?

  • I know when I took steroids when I got sick my face got really puffy. So, it could be that, too.. but yes, the make-up is pretty bad.

  • It looks likes she has been using consealer and powder that are more suitable for the lighter kinds of skin. Don’t think she had surgery since the before photo, just a case of very very very bad make up

  • the makeup is realllllyyy freaking horrible and it looks like she tried to do some contouring on her nose. Her eyebrows are really weird too.

  • VERY Bad makeup job.. wrong shades and highlights deliberately making her appear strange and frankly.. ugly..

  • Yeah I think that Lisa Turtle’s face is a hot mess. With all that money she has, you would think she would get someone to teach her how to wear makeup. Furthermore, she is too pretty to be wearing all that makeup anyway. I hope that she reads this blog.