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Love It or Leave It: Katy Perry’s Dark Soul and Awful Lipstick

A photo of Katy Perry

For the past couple of months, Katy Perry has been working pretty hard to change her image. She gave an interview where she stated that things were “about to get real f-cking dark,” and a few days after that she showed up at an event in leather boots, a leather jacket, dark makeup, and a bad attitude. Throughout March and April, she wore a mean ol’ scowl everywhere she went, and she even changed her blue hair to a way more sinister shade of purple. She made it clear that yes, things were getting real f-cking dark.

But now it’s May, and I suspect the transformation is complete. Here’s another picture of Katy from last night:

A photo of Katy Perry

Oh wow, Katy, you look so dark and mysterious! Maybe we can go get coffee sometime – not at Starbucks though, because that’s so mainstream – and I can read through your poetry, and then we can discuss how hard it is to live in the world when no one understands you. I would say that it would be a really cool experience, but I don’t want to offend you. I know that nothing’s cool when you have such a blazing fire burning inside your heart.

And just because it’s Friday, here’s a bonus picture of Katy staring off into the distance as she tries to articulate what On the Road meant to her:

A photo of Katy Perry

What do you think of Katy’s new look?

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    • She looks fucking retarded, so no, I guess she can’t pull “anything” off. She’s such a try-hard it’s really difficult to even look at these photos.

  • Yeah. If the bitch was actually “real f-cking dark”, she wouldn’t be making a point of making sure everyone knew. She’d be out skinning cats and listening to Dissection. I’m sure she’s thinking super sad and angry thoughts while her whipped cream covered tits are shooting out fireworks at her performances.
    This chick is a talentless jackass.

  • She looks just like this Goth friend of mine from middle school. I mean, in a really creepy similarity kind of way.

  • I like her hair. I wanted to dye my hair like that, but it would require too much upkeep and I just cannot be bothered.

    The rest just looks like she’s trying too hard.

  • This is one of her better looks. I like the hair color and style. She has a lovely complexion and the make-up seems to suit her quite well. It’s much better than that turquoise hair she had, which I found made her look about 45 or 50.

  • If she wants to go really fucking dark, either she pulls a Britney or NOTHING. I don’t like her new look. I don’t like her as a whole, but you can’t deny she looked at her best when she had that 50s/pin-up vibe.