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Quotables: Adam Levine Calls Jennifer Love Hewitt “Aggressive”

photo of adam levine and jennifer love hewitt pics

“I heard about that. That was aggressive. It was really sweet and flattering. Beautiful life, you know, when a beautiful woman says nice things about you.”

Adam Levine, during an interview where he was asked about the obligatory being-stalked-by-Jennifer Love Hewitt thing. And it wasn’t bad enough that he said “no f-cking way, girlfriend,” he had to go and add insult to injury by telling people that she’s all aggressive and what not.

I commend Jennifer for speaking out about what she wants, and if it were anyone other than Jennifer Love Hewitt, she might have a snowball’s chance in hell in looking forward-thinking and assertive, but guys. it’s Jennifer Love Hewitt. She tries to eat guys like this for breakfast, but they normally run screaming before her alarm goes off.

Poor Jennifer Love. She just can’t catch a man a break.

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  • It seems like she can’t open her mouth without coming across as desperate. On DWTS the other night, she was asked who she is looking forward to see dance, and she said “Max”. Now, if the other 99.99% of the population said the same thing, it might not come across as desperate, but with Jennifer, it comes across as slightly stalker-ish and most definitely Stage 5 Clinger. I think it was the way she said it….all bedroom-y sounding and semi-breathy. It just made me go, “Oh…no girl. You’re better than that”, but I’m starting to think she isn’t.

  • are these people, like, twenty? they’re both grown-ups, right? like, over thirty? they both sound immature.