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Kiefer Sutherland Sings With His Dog

You know who I have a crush on? Kiefer Sutherland. Seriously, I do. And I know: between him and Adrien Brody, some of you are going to think that I have probably the worst taste in men the world over, but I don’t! I promise! My husband is actually quite the looker. Don’t believe me? I’m going to go and get all personal and post his picture:

photo of robin spangenberg pictures photos
So, yeah. His hair’s crazy, and it was totally unintentional (he doesn’t normally look like Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine), but you get the idea. He’s probably going to melt into a puddle of sheer embarrassment when he sees that this, of all the photos I could have possibly posted, was the one I chose, but hey. You should see some of the awful shit he has of me all over his Facebook. Damn. Revenge is a big nasty bitch sometimes.

Anyway, the video above is Kiefer Sutherland singing with his dog, and if it doesn’t make you think Pink Floyd’s Seamus (which is probably one of my favorite songs of all time), then you’re probably stuck in the right decade, unlike yours truly.

I do love Kiefer, I loved 24, and I am positively OBSESSED with his new television show, Touch, and if you’re not watching that, then guys … you’re missing out and ALL of the points you scored for knowing/not knowing what ‘Seamus’ is are gone.

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  • my goodness your husband is very handsome. I been crushing on Kiefer since “Stand By Me” in the 80s and still love him. I love his dad too Donald Sutherland is a awesome actor they both have great voices.

  • I see two times Zac(h) in your hubby … he’s got a serious case of Zac Efron eyes and generally a bit of a J.D. (Scrubs’ Zach Braff) going on (especially with the hair and the shape of the face).

    Just thought I’d share that.

    Also: getting personal is awesome … I read gossip not because I specifically love reading about celebrities, but because I’m nosy as fuck (nothing better than listening in on other people’s conversations, spying on their grocery shopping etc.).
    People interest me.
    Last but not least … what’s up with your taste in hair? Nothing wrong with hair channeling J.D. (or Wolverine, for that matter).

    • I definitely see the Zach Braff there, now that you mention it. When he was ten years younger, he used to get Freddie Prinze Jr. a whole bunch, too.

      I really enjoy getting personal, but some people freak the f-ck out when you include, like, an iota of your own life into the articles, and I never really understood that either. :)

      As for hair, I guess it was never really too important to me. My husband’s been shaggy, buzzed, bald, military-style … it’s all been pretty good.

  • Day-um! I’ll bet you two made some beautiful babies. The thought of him having “date night” with your daughter is pretty sweet and sexy, too.

  • Your husband’s really handsome! (And I also have a crush on Kiefer Sutherland, and his dad Donald back when he was young OH YES it runs in the family).

  • Just saw this…two years later. My only comment is that “date night” is now “man time” or “daddy time.” Both are equally awesome.