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You Know Who We Haven’t Talked About in Awhile? Kiefer Sutherland.

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And why shouldn’t we? He was only the star of my second all-time favorite television show (24) and has a new show premiering this Thursday called Touch. Did you guys see the preview debut a few weeks ago? It was awesome. It’s a show about a widower raising a special-needs son who’s brilliant and attuned to a living, breathing world that we can’t see. Here’s the official synopsis from IMDB:

Martin Bohm is a widower and single father who is haunted by an inability to connect to his emotionally challenged 11-year-old son Jake. But when Martin discovers that Jake can predict events before they happen, everything changes.

Kiefer recently sat with Redbook to discuss his upcoming projects (this series! The 24 feature film! His singleness!) and I have to say – I would still shag the eyeballs out of this man’s head.

Here’s K on what he’s learned about women:

I think the most difficult thing is to have an intimate relationship. I was married to my first wife for 10 years, and we’re still great friends. She already had a child, and then we had Sarah, and we raised two daughters together. My second wife had two beautiful sons before I met her, but I was going farther and farther away for work. It was painful, and it didn’t work out. Distance can be incredibly frustrating.

And then on what brings him running:

I’d say confidence, and I seem to be attracted to people who are into painting and music, or at least an appreciation of those things. And strength is also something I’m drawn to.

And then on his infamous partying:

I’m not walking around feeling misunderstood. Some days I’m in better control and can navigate my way through stuff, and other days, not so much.

On being friends with Jason Patric, the dude that ran away with Julia Roberts on their wedding day:

Yes. Jason and I are great friends. It was an absolute joy to be in this play with him, that his father wrote and won a Pulitzer Prize for.

And Kiefer on his favorite band – you might be surprised (but then again, if you think about it, you might not be):

“Queen … Brian May is just an extraordinary guitar player.”

Can we just make it official that we need to start talking about Kiefer Sutherland just a little bit more around here? Also, are you guys watching this new series? Think it’ll take off as well as his last television series did?