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Quotables: Lindsay Lohan is Way Better Than Rosie O’Donnell

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“Who the hell is Rosie O’Donnell to judge anyone, especially Lindsay, who has far more talent than Rosie ever had? Lindsay’s talent isn’t limited to being a comedian or getting notoriety for adopting and raising a bunch of kids. Sure, [Lindsay] has her pitfalls, but she is 25, and how old is Rosie? Two failed talk shows, a failed marriage, etc … He/she who is without sin. May they cast the first stone.”

This is Michael Lohan, telling the world that Rosie O’Donnell is a big old piece of shit in comparison to his gem of a daughter, Lindsay Lohan, or as Emily so lovingly dubbed her earlier today, Ol’ Flop Lip. Which is staying. It’s staying FOREVER, because it made me laugh harder than probably anything has all week. Ol’ Flop Lip. Good God.

Anyway, Rosie O’Donnell was quoted as saying something like how there’s no way Lindsay’s going to be able to pull off playing Liz Taylor, and while yes, we all agree with her, saying this kind of stuff out loud is like shooting a dead dog. It’s just cruel and it’s kind of morbid. And it makes Michael Lohan open his mouth and say things, and I’m sorry, but that just never ends well. Normally it ends with a woman being kicked in the genitals, and we all know how uncomfortable that is for everyone involved.

Last, can we just drop this Lindsay Lohan-Liz Taylor thing? Because even if she does fabulously, it doesn’t count for a damn thing. IT’S A LIFETIME MOVIE, FOR F-CK’S SAKE.

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  • I love Rosie’s honesty. She seems to be an easy target for verbal bashing and I just want to say I appreciate her forthrightness. Michael Lohan is a sad figure.

  • I’d rather have 2 failed shows n a failed marriage than a restraining order a drug problem and a failed marriage. Face it u drug addicted prick the only thing shes good at now is lining up ur dope for u.

  • I can’t stand Rosie, but anyone who counts her 90s talk-show as a failure has an agenda. That show was a hit, she chose to walk away from it because she’d made more than enough to retire (100 million) and was sick of the daily grind of it. The show actually continued for a few seasons after she left, with a different host. The network was happy with Rosie’s ratings and hoped the show could continue without her.

    And what kind of a “failed” talk-show makes someone 100 million dollar fortune? It’s just a fantasy of right-wingers that her 90s talk-show wasn’t a hit.