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Justin Bieber is Opening a Whole Can of Worms by Talking to Mariah Yeater Again

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Remember the chick that Justin Bieber supposedly sexed up and made a baby with? Mariah Yeater, she of the unstable tendencies and weird torso? Well Justin Bieber apparently can’t forget about girlfriend even if he didn’t knock her up, and he’s sending her messages via Twitter. From Justin Bieber’s own:

Dear mariah yeeter…we have never met…so from the heart i just wanted to say…

And you know what followed? This:

Dear heavens. If that doesn’t stir up an entire nest of crazy for poor old Mariah Yeater, then hell. I don’t know what will.

Image courtesy of Starz Uncut

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  • Can’t believe he’s so conceited, first off. Second; is he TRYING to make this teetering psychotic into a card carrying stalker? He doesn’t have anything else to do? Don’t be surprised when Justin winds up a greasy spot on the pavement after: 1. Yeater memorizes his schedule down to the millisecond. 2. Makes about a million hang-up phone calls from every payphone in L.A.3. Puts a dead bunny on the door-step and 4. Jumps his dumb ass as he’s coming out of a restaurant and straight up kills him!

  • LOL – while I love the clip – isn’t this entire thing over and done with? I wonder why the hell he even brought it up in the first place. To taunt? To have his name in the news again?