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Jennifer Lawrence Talks About Katniss and Fashion

A photo of Jennifer Lawrence

You guys. It’s been two whole days since we last talked about Jennifer Lawrence. And I’m being completely sincere when I say that that is entirely unacceptable.

It’s ok, though, because we’re getting back to what really matters: Jennifer Lawrence and her extreme loveliness. Today, it comes in the form of an interview she did with Hello magazine, courtesy of Celebitchy:

Katniss is Joan d‘Arc: “This character Katniss, she’s a futuristic Joan of Arc, she’s a symbol for hope, she’s a hero that doesn’t want to be a hero. We all said we weren’t going to make a watered-down version of the book, because you take the violence out of the movie, you take the heart out of it.”

On her boyfriend, Nicolas Hoult: “I’m not in love,” she says firmly – and not particularly believably, in view of her broad grin. “I like my life as it is, and I know that it’s going to change, and I don’t know if it’s going to change for the better or for the worse, but it’s going to be different and that’s scary.”

On her style: “I hate shopping. I don’t really care about clothes, to be honest. I mean, when I’m on red carpets I’ve started to become more vocal about the things that I want to wear just because it’s better to look at photographs later and like the dress I was wearing, rather than see myself wearing something I was told to wear and which I hate. But when it’s just me, I’m not really interested. I go out like maybe once a year and just buy a bunch of stuff to stock up on, and that’s it. I used to live in sweatpants until I started being followed by photographers, so these days I have to start putting on makeup and wearing proper clothes every time I leave the house, which is definitely a change for me.”

Why she loves Katniss: “You know what really made me fall in love with Katniss? It was that, for once, this is a woman in a movie who is focused on something other than who her boyfriend is. She’s forced into an arena to fight for survivial – she’s thrown into a way and becomes a political figure without even realizing it – and that is far more interesting than her romantic life. Look, I loved working with both Josh and Liam, but as far as Katniss is concerned, I think that with all she has going on, the very bottom of her priorities list is the question of who her next boyfriend is going to be.”

Oh, and just for fun (and just in case we get in a situation where there’s no Jennifer Lawrence news for a couple of days again), here’s the first photo of Jennifer and Bradley Cooper from the movie Serena, based on the novel of the same name. Depression-era J-Law! What’s not to love?!

A photo of Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper

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  • Eeeeekkk I love her. And I love the reasons why she loves Katniss, they’re the same ones why I love her!

  • The above picture is so unflattering. She stands there like she is about to lay an egg… and if she happened to pick out this sorry excuse for a dress and the hideous shoes… well… I am glad that at least she did not hate it…