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Amanda Bynes is So Responsible!

photo of amanda bynes texting driving pictures photos
See this? I hate this. I totally, totally hate when people are so damned busy that they have to respond to or send texts while they’re driving. You know, what were people doing that was so f-cking urgent fifteen years ago when there was no such thing as commonplace phone texting? They WAITED. They had a marginal amount of PATIENCE. God, it’s just so stupid. Plus, it’s dangerous. If you’re texting while you’re driving, you deserve to wreck. Sorry if that sounds harsh, but it’s true—especially when I’m driving with my newborn in the car and I happen to glance over and see your dumb-looking ass driving with one hand on the wheel, other on your phone, and all of the attention that should be spent on driving concentrated on your stupid little keypad. YOU’RE AN ASSHOLE.

Anyway, remember how Amanda’s dad came out and said that she “doesn’t drink”? And that she was just “emotional”? Well these photos were taken as Amanda was pulling up to the notorious Chateau Marmont. You know, Lindsay Lohan’s stomping grounds. Yes, Amanda was visiting the Chateau Marmont, and while she was so busy on her cell phone, she didn’t even notice that she’d whacked the curb with her car. No police officers were in the vicinity to witness Amanda’s mini-bump, so there was no way to tell if she was intoxicated—again. But if she wasn’t, I can probably surmise that she was well on her way to getting there, visiting the Marmont.

Way to go, girl. I smell a trainwreck coming down the pike, fast and with a conductor who’s more focused on texting his stupid girlfriend to bring home the Tupperware she left at work last night than operating the thing safely.

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  • why don’t you show the rest of the picture? where it shows her being parked on a curb and the car isn’t moving?

  • Oy look at all those band-aids on her feet. I particularly like the one hanging half off her heel. Classy. Honey, if you have to wear that many band-aids to ward off blisters, get some different shoes.

  • look at the pic again..she is on the passenger side of the car so unless you are saying saying this was taken in Europe then she is not driving nor even behind the wheel…

    • Bequita, as a European person here I can guarantee you our wheels are on the same side as the US wheels. Only the lovable weirdos in Britain and Ireland drive on the wrong side of the road.