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Jimmy Kimmel Makes Parents Regurgitate Their Food Into Kids’ Mouths

OK, so you remember how grossed out I was that Alicia Silverstone chews her cud and spits it into her kid’s mouth, right? I apparently wasn’t the only one who thought the video deserved a little bit more attention than it had gotten, because Jimmy Kimmel did one of his fabulous f-ck-with-your-kids challenges and the end result was … well, it was horrendously, deliciously hilarious, and yes, I do intend a pun to rear its head in there somewhere.

Jimmy asked parents to “Silverstone” their kids, and generally, the poor things were as completely as repulsed by the whole practice as I was, but I can’t tell a lie: there were a few freaks thrown into the mix who totally didn’t seem to mind that their meals had been partially chewed and spit out like yesterday’s … well, food.

See what little Bear Blu’s got to look forward to when he’s older? You know, aside from the whole joy of being called ‘Bear Blu‘?

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  • I was listening to a morning radio show last Thursday and they did this kind of thing. A teenage couple was at the studio and won front row tickets to a Daughtry concert by him chewing up like half of a snickers and then her finishing it.