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Your Daily Gosling … and His Lookalike

photo of ryan gosling pictures photos leaving thailand
Ryan Gosling’s on his way home! I guess, anyway. He’s leaving Thailand, so unless he’s going to make an entire temporary move to the cavernous recesses of Eva Mendes‘ vagina of doom, he’s probably just going to head back to his main residence.

These photos are of Ryan’s last day in Thailand, where he was filming Only God Forgives, or The Stupidest Ryan Gosling Movie Title I’ve Ever F-cking Heard, which wrapped over the last few days. Next up on Ryan’s to-do list? Something called Lawless, which is a film about, I don’t know, something, and drops sometime in 2013. The cast is comprised of thespians like Natalie Portman, Cate Blanchett, Christian Bale, and Rooney Mara. Aren’t you fancy these days, Ryan?

Also, in Your Daily Ryan Gosling Lookalike, that Joey Thompson dude is apparently looking for people to help send his ass to ‘The Ellen Degeneres Show’. And this is his video. I’m not quite sure we should be loving this guy so hard just yet – enough to warrant an ‘Ellen’ appearance, at any rate … I mean, we might need to see a few more videos. You know. And I can supply the ideas. Like, ‘How to Be Nude Like Ryan Gosling’. ‘How to Show Up at Sarah’s Front Door Like Ryan Gosling’. Maybe even ‘How to Be Nude and Show Up at Sarah’s Front Door Like Ryan Gosling’. That one’s probably my favorite. But yeah, Joey, I’ll share your video because it’s my civic duty or something, so here y’all are. Send Joey to ‘Ellen’, OK?

All photos courtesy of our partner, Lainey Gossip

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