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Watch This: How to Live Like Ryan Gosling

I know you guys are probably all distraught and stuff over the fact that we haven’t done a ‘Daily Gosling‘ in awhile, but honestly, it’s ONLY because he hasn’t done anything interesting (or has appeared for our photo agency in a few weeks, either) and it’s not because I’m getting sick of looking at him. No, it’s actually the contrary: I’m missing out so bad that I’m willing to take a second-rate hottie who sort of, kind of resembles Ryan in order to fill the Eva Mendes-shaped gap in my cold, dead heart.

Anyway, you remember ‘How to Look Like Ryan Gosling‘, right? Well this is one of Joey Thompson’s follow-up videos, ‘How to Live Like Ryan Gosling’. I haven’t even watched it myself yet, because I thought it could be something we could do together, but I’m already hoping that there’s no cameo appearance by some cheap-looking Mendes doppelganger. OK. Deep breath. Are you ready to check this out? Let’s do it.

Alright. :09 mark. Bill Cosby? Why? … Never mind. Don’t answer that.

Oh, dear. :30 mark. There’s the Eva Mendes cameo I was talking about. Stop.

:46. I need to know. Is it Gosling with a hard ‘s’ sound, like, GOZLING, or is it Gosling with a softer ‘s’ sound, like, you know, Gossssssssling? Weigh in, guys.

1:01. Pretty good. I’d be OK if boyfriend popped out of the shower wet at me, you know?

1:13. Lars and the Real Girl reference FTW! Love that movie.

2:16. I love that he can’t drive stick and has someone doing it for him.

3:57. OK. I’m officially in love.

Finally, the Gothamist did a really awesome interview with Thompson, where he talked about his career, Ryan Gosling, and … well, Ryan Gosling. Check it out some of the highlights.

What’s happened since the first Gosling video came out?
Since the first Gosling video I’ve been getting stopped …

… a lot more. I’ve also been sleeping a lot less. After the first video it seemed like I was in constant motion 24/7 doing interviews, talking to lawyers, and really just planning for the future. The cool thing about all this excitement is that it has allowed me to integrate my friends and family into the mix. They have been able to come along for the ride and I think it’s a lot of fun for everyone.

Are you tiring of the Gosling stuff yet, or people saying you do or do not look like him?
I’m not tired of the Ryan Gosling stuff yet, but I’m sure I will be sooner than later. The point of the first video was really to show the physical similarities between Ryan Gosling and myself. The second video was made to really space the gap between us. I can’t be Ryan Gosling and that’s not who I’m trying to be. I never set out to be only a Ryan Gosling impersonator because I think I bring more to the table than that. I thought it would be funny to fail at everything Ryan does in this newest video.

Have you found your Rachel McAdams yet?
Haha, well there is this one girl that is kind of in the picture now… I think. I never know with women anymore. It’s an interesting situation to say the least. She’s a nice girl so I’m not trying to ruin anything. I’m not in a rush right now and I don’t think she is either, so we are taking it slow. We will just see what happens.

What else are you working on?
Right now we are working on tons of videos with my production company, Dinobrite Productions. It’s how I make my living currently, so it’s the primary focus of my life. We have had some really cool and exciting projects come our way, so we are having a lot of fun. It’s just a good feeling to know that our professional work helps to aid the personal work on the side.

So. Do you love this guy or do you, I don’t know, think he’s a pain in the ass?

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