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Lady Gaga Goes Topless for ‘Born This Way Ball’ Promo

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The original post title was going to be “Lady Gaga Goes Desperate for Born This Way Ball Promo”, but somehow I wasn’t sure that was quite accurate. Some people think she’s been desperate for ages, and I don’t think that because she lost out on every Grammy she was nominated for to our Adele that this photo should change things all that much. Honestly, why mess with perfection? It seems to be working just fine, thanks.

For one second, though, we’re going assume that Lady Gaga’s not at all bitter or disappointed that she lost all of those nominations for Best Album and Best Record and blah blah blah, because last night, she apparently acknowledged Adele’s greatness and commended her for her multiple wins:

“What a beautiful night last night was, Adele deserved every award she won and perhaps an extra one for being such a kind and lovely woman.”

Sweet, right? That’s what she said on her Twitter page. The thing is, there were a few of Lady Gaga’s followers who were also just as seemingly gracious about their Mother Monster’s Grammy snub and were vocal about it, too:

“you deserved at least one, but yes Adele is a sweetheart and earned those grammy’s.”

“You sho shweet. I WUBB YOU SHO MUSH.”

And then, of course, there were others who said, you know, otherwise:

“i bet it killed u to say that because you know as much as the rest of us.. you deserved all them awards… #fix”


So, OK. Lady Gaga was beat to an unbelievable level at this year’s Grammys. We get that. (We get that, right? All of us?) And it’s clear that not all of Lady Gaga’s fans are rabid, hate-spewing toads who live for nothing but tearing others down. I’m really glad for that, because despite the fact that Lady Gaga’s just not my thing, I can appreciate that she’s not all about that like some other artists might be. Maybe all of that bully-slamming did Lady Gaga’s fans some good, and that’s just fine.

I went on a tangent, though, here. This whole post was supposed to be about Lady Gaga’s awesome boobs for her ‘Born This Way Ball’ promo shoot. Aren’t they fabulous? I don’t know about you guys, but this photo makes me all about the boobs. They look so much better when they’re not all stretched out and sunken into her chest cavity. Way to go, Gaga. You have some totally superior boobs!

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