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Kristen Bell’s Got a Lot of Tattoos

Nah, of course she doesn’t. Do you think someone who loves sloth as much as K-Bell does would have this many tattoos? Kind of reminds me of Michelle “Bombshell!” McGee, and if you don’t know who she is, you probably need to click this link right here and familiarize yourself right up. Because then you’ll know *exactly* what I mean. Michelle McGee would probably rather kick sloths – or, you know, f-ck them behind their wife’s back – than ever get that emotional over an animal, and that’s the rationalization I’m using to say that people who have ‘666’ tattooed on their midsections don’t love sloths like Kristen Bell does.

In proper fame form, the people at Funny or Die have hopped on the “Who’s popular for this millisecond” bandwagon and offered Kristen Bell a FOD skit because she’s hot off the sloth-train and everyone thinks she’s endearing and cute and quirky now, instead of a forgettable, suck-up annoyance who played on … what was that one show she was on? Oh. Right. Veronica Mars. I had a friend that used to watch that show. Just one. Friend, that is. Just one time.

I think there was also that brief Heroes thing, however I’m pretty sure that Hayden Panettiere was more The Chick in that show – the one that people really talked about. Even Kristen herself.

But it looks like Kristen’s finally getting her due and people are paying attention to who she is, what she’s done, and where she’s going, and after watching last week’s sloth video, I have to say that she’s definitely earned her new, endearing-like public persona. So that means this video was completely OK, but I still think you should go back and look at the old Michelle Bombshell posts, because they’re pretty important to pop culture’s impressive history and all that. Or something. Plus, she’s really funny looking, and that’s entertainment right there, folks.

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