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Love It or Leave It: Jennifer Love Hewitt’s Got Blonde Hair Now and a Recycled Boyfriend, Too!

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You know, even though I (generally) love Jennifer Love Hewitt with the intensity of a thousand suns, I just can’t get behind this blonde look. And why do people say “Oh! She went blonde!” anyway, when it’s apparent that there’s still a bunch of dark hair mixed in there? Is the term “highlighting” or “frosting” passé these days?

Who knows.

The rest of the look, however, is a win. She’s toned up a lot (no doubt for her role as Lolita Stripper on the new Lifetime series, The Client List) and I’ve pretty much always appreciated the fashion choices that she’s made. Also, word on the street is that she’s reconciled with ex-boyfriend Jamie Kennedy. Don’t know about you guys, but I’ve always, always loved them together. The thought of the two of them shacking up was like a teenage wet dream – Randy from Scream (who I unashamedly admit to having crushed on back in the day), and Jennifer Love Hewitt, goddess siren of teen movies in the late nineties? Hell yes, thank you very much. Here’s the scoop from E! Online:

… Is the 32-year-old actress pairing her new hair with an old flame?

It sure looks that way!

A source tells E! News exclusively that Hewitt has rekindled her romance with actor Jamie Kennedy. The Ghost Whisperer costars enjoyed a year-long romance that ended with a high-profile split in March 2010.

Late last year, Hewitt split with actor Jarod Einsohn. Fortunately for the star, her old beau was conveniently unattached as well.

“They are dating again,” the source tells us, adding that the reunited couple has been enjoying sleepovers at Kennedy’s L.A. condo.

Hewitt’s Twitter feed certainly has been lovey-dovey the past month. She’s retweeted Love Quotes and Megan Fox’s parody Twitter account’s uplifting messages about romance and choosing to “look beyond the imperfections” in order to be happy.

Hewitt’s rep had no comment.

So, this is a complete yay, ‘meh’ hair aside. Do you guys think she’s gotten back with Jamie because she’s finally exhausted all of her dating options, or do you think it’s something more? You know, something like JLH + JK = TRU LUV 4EVER? Is it that? Because I sure hope it’s that. And I’m willing to bet that she sure hopes it’s that, too.

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