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Jennifer Love Hewitt Does a Striptease for The Client List

First of all, that is not girlfriend’s real voice. Don’t you remember back in the nineties when her song ‘How Do I Deal’ was big and crazy and all over the place? No? Here, here’s a Freshman year flashback for you:

Big differences? Breathy voice, smaller tits, awful center part in her hair, and the obligatory face close-ups. I also love the I Know What You Did Last Summer clips airing on the sheet hanging in the background of the video. I mean, yeah, I realize that this song was precisely recorded for the film soundtrack, but LOL. Come on. “JENNIFER LOVE HEWITT. HOT. SCARY FISHERMAN GUY. WHERE DID FREDDIE PRINZE JR’S. CAREER GO? WOOOOOOO, CREEPY.”

It’s a classic in the making, guys. Let’s cut her (and it) some slack. And before you watch the two previous videos and go all nuts, saying, “Ugh, this girl can’t sing“, she’s really not all that bad when you compare her to some of the ‘singers’ out there today. Here’s a clip of her doing Janis Joplin’s karaoke standard, ‘Me and Bobby McGee’:

Right? Not so awful. So now that we’ve established that it *probably* wasn’t Jennifer Love Hewitt singing the actual song accompanying her striptease man-flash video for The Client List, I want to go back to the point that I originally intended to make in showing you this clip.

See, back when The Client List was this nothing little movie; a tiny blip on the Lifetime channel’s entertainment radar, a bunch of women were all outraged that a movie was being made about a new ex-wife and mother having to whore herself out in order to pay the bills. It was degrading and gritty and a lot of people thought it was the anti-woman, succumbing to a world of men … stuff. But it did relatively well. And JLH and the film execs rode that trail ’til enough buzz was generated by the made-for-TV movie that it was picked up as a series (to also be aired on Lifetime. I said it did ‘well’, not ‘sensational’). Now that the series is going to be an actual thing, it seems like TCL is pandering only to those male audiences, showing Jennifer shaking her tits and showing her ass and checking out the pseudo-packages of her male clientele. And isn’t that kind of the complete opposite of what the film’s original intent was? Or did I get that wrong? Unless it’s supposed to be a video empowering women to perform sex acts in order to support her kids so that they have enough, I don’t know, Fruit Roll-ups for school? Is that what this all finally boiled down to? Because if it is. Man. What a disappointment. I’m all for tits and ass and Jennifer Love Hewitt, but not in such a cheap fashion. Way to go, Lifetime. Way to ruin a completely good premise by selling out.

What is the world coming to, guys, honestly. I just don’t know anymore.

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  • She puts out the tease vibes but doesn’t really deliver and prove her point is valid.. concerning sexiness and desirability.

  • I definitely buy that that’s her real voice. It’s not like we’re hearing some incredible powerhouse singing coming out of JLH’s mouth in that promo clip. It’s pretty much the same semi-decent voice I’m hearing in the clip below.

  • As a female who likes watching the client list”. I would just like to say, Cant we just watch a show for what it is?.. Entertainment. It doesn’t make me want to go out and start a “massage” parlor nor am i jealous of it catering to men. There is plenty of eye candy in this show for women. I personally Enjoy the show whether JLH is really singing or not. Who cares. Stop being so critical and just enjoy!!