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Jennifer Love Hewitt Did a New Photoshoot Chock-Full of Photoshop

photo of jennifer love hewitt photoshoot new pictures photos pics
I know; you guys are probably wondering what kind of falling out JLH and I might have had that I would say such a thing about my girl, but it’s true: where in the hell did Jennifer Love’s lovely curves disappear to in this photo shoot?

The pics are promotional for her upcoming Lifetime channel show, where she plays a housewife-turned-prostitute in order to save her family’s finances. If that sounds familiar to you, it should: she played a role in the same-named (and, um, same-themed) movie on Lifetime, The Client List, and they were sent out via her Twitter account yesterday afternoon. If you don’t believe me about the series, here’s the official synopsis:

The series will follow Riley (Hewitt), who is forced to work in a day spa in a local town after being left in financial debt after her husband abandons her and her children. She quickly realizes that the spa gives much more than massages, but must partner with the parlor’s owner in order to keep food on the table. While helping to run the business, she struggles to discretely balance two lives – a single mother who must provide for her family and a strong businesswoman working in a unique and frowned-upon business.

Ew. Squicky. A prosti-mom. Bonus, though? You can look for Cybill Shepherd featured in the series as Jen’s mom.

Will you guys be tuning in to watch Jennifer Love strut her stuff on Lifetime as a “massage parlor” prostitute, or will you just be tuning in to see how poorly these photos really were retouched?

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