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Oh Man, We Need to Talk About Jennifer Love Hewitt RIGHT NOW

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These photos practically made my eyes pop out, seriously. JLH is a woman that I’ve had to warm up to over the past few years, and doggone it, I think she’s gone and melted my cold, fractured heart.

GIRLFRIEND IS LOOKING HOT. Like HOT HOT HOT. Hotter than I can even comprehend. I’m not going to sit here and compare pear-shaped bodies to asparagus-shaped bodies or whatever, nor am I going to say that shapely is better than rail-like or rail-like is better than shapely – but I AM going to say that THIS? As in the above photo and the ones down below? Is TOTALLY what I would consider to be the ideal, be-all, end-all of a woman’s figure. Girl has GOT IT and I am clearly enthusiastic about it.

That’s all I’ve got for a Friday, friends. JLH can take it over from here.

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  • She looks silly. What’s with the little bag?
    I could never understand what people see in her, she’s not particularly pretty nor is she very talented.

  • She looks like she has shit running down her right leg there. Either that or the spray tan went way wrong.

  • I don’t care what shape this woman is in, to me, she has always been hot. Her hotness is the only reason I would tolerate watching “Ghost Whisperer”. I would especially like the scenes where she would wear a nightie, or a halter top with no bra. Very Hot.

  • Imposible via Internet que eres bella y una muy buena actriz, misteriosa y aun soltera!