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Are J Woww and Snooki Feminists?

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I know – I just about died when I considered the notion, too, but after reading the interview they recently gave to our friends at the Huffington Post, I … well, read for yourself. Snooki and J Woww stopped by MTV studios in New York City earlier this week and talked about sexuality, Jersey Shore, and feminism, and how they claim it all goes together.

Snooki: I told her [J Woww] to run for president so that everyone [including same-sex couples] could get married. Because I certainly can’t [run for president.]

JWoww: I was really upset — that’s what I tweeted about. My friend couldn’t get married. He had to get a domestic partnership [at the time] and I was so pissed off about that. I was like, “I want to go to your wedding. You’re going to be my bridesmaid and I’m going to be your bridesmaid…”

Snooki: Is he going to wear a dress?

JWoww: I don’t know. I hope so. [Laughs]

Huff Po: You were both featured in one of MTV’s “Love Is Louder” videos which tackles the issue of bullying. In it you mentioned that you know what it’s like to be discriminated against. What were you referring to?

JWoww: We’re just very stereotyped. [Snooki was] bullied in high school and so was I.

Snooki: Yeah. And I’m probably the top celebrity that gets bullied today. I’m just different and everyone hates me for it.

JWoww: What we do on the show — people say we’re alcoholics. We get discriminated against for drinking. And we’re tan so now we’ve caused these tanning taxes and we’re getting a bad rap for tanning.

Snooki: People just take us too seriously.

HP: What’s the biggest misconception people have about you?

Snooki: That we’re stupid. We’re not stupid. We’re very smart, actually.

JWoww: That really gets under my skin. It’s like you don’t know me to judge me. We’re sorry we’re not walking on the shore with three-piece business suits or evening gowns.

HP: Do you read your own press?

Snooki: We have Google alerts!

HP: So do you take what people write about you seriously? Snooki, when people are writing about the pregnancy rumors, for instance, does it freak you out?

Snooki: No. I just like my name being in the news.

JWoww: She [supposedly] gets pregnant. I have 500 facelifts done — what else [do they write]?

HP: Snooki, things got hot and heavy with Deena [another one of the “Jersey Shore” roommates] last season. Do you consider yourself bisexual?

Snooki: I would consider myself bi. I’ve done stuff with girls before. But I would never be with a girl because I like… penis. But I’ve experimented.

HP: What about Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino? What’s the deal? Gay? Not gay? It wouldn’t shock me. Whenever he brings a girl home something always seems to go awry and they don’t end up hooking up.

Snooki: And he gives them men’s clothing to wear.

JWoww: And his posture and the way he holds his cigarettes… everything. Listen, I know I keep talking about my best friend Joey, but his husband was closeted for 27 years of his life. And I knew him before he came out. So because of that I know… the signs. … I can’t confirm or deny with Mike, but if he was, it would all make sense.

HP: Do you consider yourselves feminists?

JWoww: No.

Snooki: What does “feminist” actually mean?

HP: It can mean a lot of things. But in this context I was thinking about your approach to sex and sexuality and how bold and unashamed you are about it.

Snooki: Then yes.

JWoww: I thought feminism was derogatory in a sense. Have you ever seen “Borat?” … I think we’re more like men because we do show our sexuality and burp and fart.

Snooki: When it comes to sex, I’m definitely a guy. All women are like us. They’re just scared.

HP: Is there anything either of your families have seen on the show that they were upset about? Or do you ever worry while you’re filming? … Is there any kind of filter? There’s no time when you think Oh no, my dad is going to see that?

JWoww: Our parents said the best thing: They were us times ten!

Snooki: My mom was innocent, but my dad was really bad.

HP: Whose career would you love to have?

JWoww: Angelina Jolie. Not the acting — but I’m obsessed with her. I know that she gives half her paycheck to charities but she’s also knee-deep into it. She wants to make a difference. And I think that’s what separates her from a lot of celebrities who just do it all for a write off. She’s just so passionate about it. And I want to be passionate like that when it comes to animals and children. I’ve never experienced what she’s experienced and I keep hearing that if you go to a third world country it’ll change your life. And that’s what I want.

Snooki: I would say Jessica Simpson in terms of her business and her brand. She’s a genius and she’s a business woman and that’s what I want to be. I admire her a lot.

HP: Where do you want to be in 10 years?

Snooki: With four kids, married, with my own spinoff showing my husband and kids and then a big business.

JWoww: You want four? Oh my god — your poor vagina! But I want the same thing — kids and marriage. I hope reality TV is still around in 10 years.

Snooki: It will be. And if it’s not, I’ll just tape myself and put myself on YouTube.

So, OK. Back to the “Are J Woww and Snooki feminists” question. I guess that’d probably depend on your perception of the term “feminism.” To ask someone if they’re a feminist or not only to have them respond, “Uhh … what’s that?” isn’t exactly encouraging. So even though I also equate feminism with empowered women – even if the women feel that they, themselves, are empowered through their bodies or sex or whatever, and I don’t necessarily agree with that personally – then yes, I suppose they could consider themselves “feminist.” But when these two tools don’t know what feminism actually is, or don’t have their own definitions of it, I’m just not all that sure. There was nothing in this article to convince me that these two really are anything more than vapid booze-camels in search of the next big thing to stick in their vagina.

I’m not here to proselytize or judge someone for saying what they think they are – or aren’t – but when you’re Snooki and J Woww and pride yourself on who you “really” are though you contradict yourself by saying “what you see is what you get”, it doesn’t really convince me that you’re really anything more than what you appear to be. You know?

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  • Feminism is about equality, and living without bowing down to anyone’s expectations or prejudices of what you have to be like. Feminism is sex-positive, queer-positive, and strives for equality. Feminism has been made a bad word, when it’s actually a really nice thing. I think these two girls in a way do a very feminist thing — they live their lives and dress and talk the way they want. I have always liked them :)

  • Philosophically, I can see debating the idea of what being a “feminist” is. I mean, is it to be a man-hating, I’ll-never-give-up-my-maiden-name, uber sensitive to stereotypes kind of woman, or is it the housewife who chooses to stay home, take her husbands name, and live a “traditional” lifestyle? Is it Gloria Steinem, Martha Stewart or Michelle Duggar?

    Surely all of us (I say “us” because I think most the writers and commenters on this blog are usually pretty smart) have debated these issues and what it truly means to be a feminist. These girls however, seem to drag the brand of what it means to be a woman down a notch or two. They’ve become infamous – not famous; not for thier biting wit or ability to transform social norms, but famous for being drunken idiots that we only pray have sterlized themselves through all their late night boozing and questionable sexual encounters.

    So no, I don’t think Marlo Thomas had this in mind.