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Can You Believe What M.I.A. Did at The Super Bowl?

So I didn’t watch the Super Bowl yesterday. However, instead of doing all the awesome things I was planning on doing yesterday, I had to go down to the urgent care clinic because I’ve been having a hard time walking, moving, and existing. It turns out that my kidneys don’t like me very much right now, and I’ve spent most of yesterday and today rolling around in bed, crying, and trying to figure out if I should go to the emergency room or just watch another Pokemon movie. So yeah, no Super Bowl anything for me.

I did read Jenn’s recap of the halftime show this morning though, so that’s something. I still can’t bring myself to watch Madonna‘s performance, but I did see the clip of M.I.A. flipping the bird during her bit. I thought it was pretty “whatever,” but apparently the internet is acting like this is the worst thing to ever happen in the history of forever. In particular, the Parents Television Council has their panties in a bunch. What’s new though, right?

From TMZ:

A powerful parents TV watchdog claims NBC failed the American public by “enabling”M.I.A. to flip off the camera during the Super Bowl halftime show yesterday … and now the group is demanding punishment.

The Parents Television Council has released a statement on the incident … saying, “It is unfortunate that a spectacular sporting event was overshadowed once again by broadcasting the selfish acts of a desperate performer.”

The PTC claims NBC and the NFL knew full well what could happen … especially because they chose a lineup filled with “performers who have based their careers on shock profanity and titillation.”

The PTC also rips NBC for failing to block the image from broadcast … especially since Janet Jackson’s nipplegate incident on CBS 8 years ago.

The group is NOT asking for an apology — insisting one would simply “[ring] hollow after yet another slap in the face to families.”

Instead, the group wants ACTION — saying, “Either the NFL and NBC will take immediate steps to hold those accountable for this offensive material in front of a hundred million Americans, or they will feebly sit back and do nothing.”

Can someone take a moment to explain what the problem is here?  I mean, I know that showing your middle finger on television is against the rules, but why? And if this happens during live television, why can’t everyone just shrug it off and move on with their lives? If these parents are mad because their kids saw M.I.A.’s middle finger, then, uh, not a huge deal. If you’re a parent with kids old enough to want to watch the Super Bowl, wouldn’t you know that a Madonna show might be a little racy and plan ahead for that?

Either way, if the FCC decides to issue a fine for this, then M.I.A. is the one who will have to pay. As for this apparently damnable action, she hasn’t made any kind of statement about it, but a source close to her said “that her actions were caused by ‘adrenaline and nerves,’ a result of getting ‘caught up in the moment,’ and weren’t an attempt to make any kind of statement.'” Fair enough.

Do you guys think people are overreacting to this, or were you offended by what M.I.A. did?

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  • I didn’t even notice, and I’m willing to bet most kids didn’t either. But still, I’m offended that M.I.A. thinks she’s better than everyone else and doesn’t have to abide by the rules. It’s blatant disrespect, and it seems like a desperate call for attention. It was Madonna’s time to shine, and what was a really cool performance with a lot of great people, M.I.A. managed to cast a negative light on it. After Janet Jackson, the super bowl performances were pretty lame to make up for it. Now she’s probably set us back even further after we were getting somewhere.

  • Agreed. Of course, her middle finger pales in comparison to some of the crap that is aired on TV.

    In other news…hope you’re feeling better and your kidneys don’t break. Maybe if you get better, Mariah will buy you a car!

  • I didn’t notice it. And really who cares. Kids probably see and hear worse things in school. So what’s the big deal? I saw some comments in radar and they all say things like she’s stupid and shell always be remembered as the girl that gave the finger? I don’t think she will her music is great and a finger isn’t that bad. At least she didn’t pop her boobies out or flash her vagina. She gave the finger so what? I mean as a parent shouldn’t you be ready for anything especially watching Madonna or any kind of live tv? These parents need to get over it!!!!

  • Overreaction. I watched it with my husband and two kids. Honestly, we enjoyed the show without even noticing the finger. I still like MIA. Who cares?

  • i don’t think because she gave the finger she thinks she’s “better than everyone else”(from commenter some ways up) but maybe that’s just me? and unless your kid lives in a box/has never seen the light of day they’ve for sure encountered the finger but it’s just a simple matter of “don’t do that,that’s not nice” is they try to mimic it…but chances are they’ve already or will soon learn it from other kids-it’s called digging for controversy when there is none(“bitch” is commonly accepted/said on TV now and at certain hours so is “shit”), no genitals no problem friends

  • I didn’t even notice, but I’d say Janet Jackson’s tits popping several years ago was probably a way bigger deal.

  • I didn’t even notice it. I watched the video and was expecting something crazy and I had to read your commentary to see what the big deal is. I didn’t notice and I was looking for something, so I’m sure the kids that were watching didn’t notice it either. And really, who cares about the middle finger? It’s like, the most tame thing ever. Only kids in elementary school even think it’s scandalous. In middle school it’s just funny, and no one even thinks about it in high school. Lol. There are way worse things happening to even give a second thought to kids seeing the bird.

  • Pretty sure all the offended parties had to rewind to see the offending finger. Must be a pretty slow day if people will watch something for the sole purpose of outraging themselves.

  • I didn’t notice either. I was just frightened by Madonna’s face…

    Hey, me too Emily! It must be something in the air. Lol. Hope you get better!

  • I didn’t see it, but I just think it’s childishness all around.

    Childish for M.I.A. to do it (really, who other than a little kid thinks their badass for flipping off?) and childishness from all the people whinging about it. Once again, who thinks flipping off is a big deal, other than a little kid?

    People are dying of starvation, aids, human rights are being violated, and the world economy is going for shit and someone flipping off is a big deal? SMH.

    • Me too I think it was childish. It’s not a big deal, but definitely tastless. Some years ago I though MIA was different than the other popular singers, somewhat higher, now I just think she try too hard to be badass, controversial for the sake of being controversial *rolleyes*, she’s like all the other performers.