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Lady Gaga’s Dad Hates The Way She Dresses

A photo of Lady Gaga

Ugh, what a square, right? It’s like “get with the program, old man, it’s the 21st century! I don’t have to conform to your dumb old ideas or your dumb old society, dad.” And then he’s like “learn to respect your elders!” And then you’re like “learn to respect this, you crusty old bastard!” And then you flip him the bird and go to your bedroom to blast Papa Roach or whatever. And that is hard-f*cking-core.

And that is precisely what Lady Gaga is:

Lady GaGa has admitted that her father isn’t impressed with her risqué fashion sense.

The singer confessed that her dad Joe Germanotta often asks her to wear more normal clothes.

“I look the same during the day as I do on stage,” GaGa said, according to The Sun.

“My father is still like, ‘Can’t you just put this on?’ Some of it he just can’t handle.”

The singer has spent the the past few days organizing the setlist for her next tour. She tweeted on Friday that she will preview the stage on Tuesday.

GaGa has previously admitted that she will never be caught wearing casual clothes.

“I think you should look nice all the time,” she said. “When I meet celebrities and they’re in casual clothes, I’m always like, ‘Whaaat?’ I don’t mean to be judgmental, but it would do them better to be who they really are, all the time.”

Lady Gaga, not every celebrity has the kind of identity issues that you have. In fact, a lot of celebrities understand that when you’re just going out to the grocery store or for a walk or whatever, it’s ok to dress differently than when they go to an awards show, and when they do a concert, they can dress in a completely different way. In fact, I would argue that those people are more comfortable with being “who they really are” than you are. Honey, you were not born this way, and it’s getting old.

Now don’t come to dinner until you can put on some regular shoes and take that lobster off your head while your grandma’s in the house!

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  • Perhaps they should start wearing casual clothes on red carpets and on stage? Surely that would be closer to being who they really are, FFS.

  • Jesus, I hate the way she dresses. I am sick and tired of her trying to shock everyone all the time. It’s like “oooh, what does she think we will think is controversial now?” Each time she tries to shock us, it’s a victim of the law of diminishing returns. And this is supposed to be “her real self?” I guess her real self is desperate attention whore. Please, just make some good music and stop trying to play with everyone’s heads.

    • I agree with you 100%. When she started out, I thought she dressed in a very interesting way. It’s kind of hard to give a shit how she dresses now when she literally is dressed like a shock-freak 24/7. She may think it’s endearing to fans, but really it just shows that she’s a complete slave to her job (and that does NOT seem at all healthy). Also, her music sucks ever since she started trying to be all deep and profound – I liked it more when she just made dance tunes without trying to be inherently meaningful.

  • Let her act out all her freaky, foolish superior arty imaginings.. we need a good laugh now and then.. at the useless, failed, frustrated non-heroine..