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And now, LeAnn Rimes’ Latest Bikini

Photo: Here is LeAnn Rimes strutting out of a public bathroom

Here is some breaking news: LeAnn Rimes was spotted on a beach yesterday. This time she was in Maui, though!

Apparently she is staying at a resort with her husband, and she is actually visiting Maui for work. I know! I forgot that she still works sometimes. Did you know she used to be a prolific country singer? That was before we became so distracted by her string bikinis and started reading about those instead.

Here is Radar with more on this riveting story:

The country singer, who showed off her assets on Wednesday in a peach-colored Acacia skimpy swimsuit, managed to wear an even sexier suit on Thursday, rocking a pink and black tiny triangle top with cheeky string bottoms.

The star took a bathroom break and headed into the hotel’s restroom, without any shoes on!

“Cheeky”! I see what you did there, Radar. Because, LeAnn’s butt. Her butt.

Sometimes I wonder what the inside of LeAnn Rimes’ closet looks like. I imagine that it is a large walk-in closet, and there are all these hangers everywhere, and a tiny bikini is tied onto each one. And that’s all. That’s it. Somewhere else there might be a drawer containing all her sweaters and pants, but that drawer is probably in some locked room upstairs, as in a ghost movie.

(Image gallery via Radar.)

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    • Haha. But! There was a sixth photo, though, and LeAnn and Friends were sitting outdoors at a table—not like a card table, but a permanent restaurant-type table—and everyone was eating. And none of the men wore shirts, and no one was wearing pants. And I just, pantsless eating, I don’t know, I always put some stuff on before I microwave food. And the last time I was at a hotel resort in Hawaii (I know!) I did wear a bathing suit everywhere, and lots of jewelry, but also a cover-up. And sandals. And a hat. Because at a beachside resort there are all these other people, reading and drinking mixed drinks and hardly ever snorkeling, and I’m not puritanical but this is also not a nudist colony.

      • but she is not nude. she is wearing a bikini at a beach resort and showing off her amazing body, sue her.

    • Don’t knock Leann for what She Wears. Shes a Beautiful Girl who IS NOT AFRAID to Show her Gorgeous Body. She has The Best Looking Butt I have ever seen on a Girl her age: Actually Better Than Many Younger Ones I’ve Seen. In fact, Shes got The Best Body too. I wish She was Single.

    • She NEVER WAS Anorexic. People just thought she was. Anorexic people eat Very Little and often Spew Up what they eat. Leann has Always eaten Healthy and has a Routine Exercise Program. Those were ABS you could see in the Photos ….. Not Ribs & Bones. Ribs don’t go in That Same Direction as what you thought were RIBS.

  • Well it’s so obvious that this is a STAGED photo-op because Leann is always wearing makeup, jewelry, and bikini’s that are totally difficult to swim in(look at how many strings are on that bikini).

    It’s more than obvious that she is only walking around in these tiny bikinis because Eddie’s ex-wife was wearing a tiny bikini on RHOBH on Monday. Which is so odd, why does Leann feel the need to constantly compete with Eddie’s ex-wife? You get the impression that Leann feels that Eddie is still pining for Brandi and therefore has to seek validation outside of their marriage, hence why she keeps tipping off the paps so that they can get these candid shots of her in these bikinis.

    What I also find interesting is that she has to take Eddie on all these trips. The most funny part of these staged photos are the ones where Eddie is flirting with Leann’s friend and Leann looks annoyed and attempts to get his attention by either hanging all over Eddie or sticking out her chest. These staged photos serve two purposes, convince people that EC isn’t cheating on her and keep Eddie happy by giving him expensive trips with her “friend”(who might just be Eddie’s mistress because that woman goes everywhere with LR and EC).

    • Dream On . . . . . LeAnn is completely Natural in Those Photos and any others. As for Competing for Attention: LMAO … There’s NO COMPETITION!!! LeAnn Wins Hands Down !!! Shes A Natural Beauty … and HAS BEEN since she First sang BLUE.

      ….. by The way, People . . .
      . . it’s LeAnn ….. Not Leann
      AND !!! … Theres an Uppercase Y in it.

      • Leann isn’t completely natural or a natural beauty because Leann has breast implants, veneers, dyes her hair, wears extensions, and works out. If there is no competition, why then was Leann parading in a bikini just days after Eddie’s ex-wife was spotted in a tiny bikini on her show? Leann doesn’t win hands down, it’s why Eddie has a drink in his hand the entire time he is touching or making out with Leann. It’s why Leann got that tattoo on her foot just a day before Eddie’s mistress appeared on RHOBH.

        That’s funny because since Leann sung Blue, how come she hasn’t had very much success? She only gets into the press because she pays the paps to take photos of her.How would you know that her name is LeAnn and not Leann? Because you are Leann or someone close to Leann(ie-Darrell Brown)?

        Why are you doing all this damage control? Could it have something to do with the fact that Eddie’s ex-mistress was on RHOBH?

  • Why is there this huge media campaign to convince everyone that Leann Rimes is sexy or hot or that she has an amazing body? Seriously Eddie must be cheating on Leann or Leann must have caught him pining over Brandi and her bikini because it’s just awfully strange how hard the media is pressing this “LR looks great” campaign.

  • Regarding LeAnns Wardrobe ……. So What if its Full of Bikinis. She lloks Absolutely Fabulous … I’ve told her (on Twitter) what I think and I’m Not ashamed to say it. She Thanked My for what I said. She can wear A Bikini anytime she’s in my vicinity. I wouldn’t be afraid to Go Shopping (or whatever) with her in The skimpiest bikin she owns: And I don’t mean that in a Degrading way. She Looks Beautiful in That Bikini.

    • Bikinis that she is only wearing because Eddie’s ex-wife was spotted in a tiny bikini on her show. Leann doesn’t look fabulous, it’s precisely why Eddie is always holding a cup of alcohol in his hand when he is with Leann.

      Of course you told Leann what you think on twitter, no one else will so she has to manufacture the nice comments by either having her producer comment under a fake account or make comments to herself using a fake account. Leann also thanks her fans and staff members who stalk Eddie’s ex-wife on twitter.

      Darrell Brown, Leann is paying you, so of course you wouldn’t be afraid to go anywhere with Leann while she wears the skimpiest bikini.

      If Leann is so beautiful, why did she have all that work done just so that she could look like Eddie’s ex-wife?

  • Er … Kathy . . . What the heck are you talking about? That comment does Not make Any Sense whatsoever.

    • Of course that comment didn’t make any sense to you, Leann and her producer are not the brightest people in the world.