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New BFF Alert: Kim Kardashian and Barbie

A photo of Kim Kardashian

I know that you all know this, but I just want to remind you that Kim Kardashian has had a really rough time this year. She’s seen relationships fall apart, she’s suffered cruelty at the hands of the public. Really, what this girl needs right now is a friend. Like, a Golden Girls level friend. And I think she’s finally found that in Barbie.

On second thought, maybe not. Kim’s trying way too hard, and you can tell Barbie isn’t into it at all. Check out the way Kim tries to make conversation by asking Barbie what Ken got her for Christmas, and how Barbie just ignores it with a “see you next year!” What a callous bitch. And then Kim just lets it happen? Ugh. These aren’t new BFFs, they’re fake bitches. Keep looking, Kim, it’ll happen one day!

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