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Happy Holidays from The Skank!

photo of kim kardashian pictures twitter christmas 2011 pictures
Is it me, or does this photo just scream “I’m desperate and I’m never, ever going to get another decent-ish guy to sleep with me EVER AGAIN AUGGGGH!” If you’re wondering if that’s a trick question, the answer is “yes.” And “no.” And “does not apply.” And “what the hell does it matter, anyway, because Kim Kardashian is yesterday’s budget, garbage-like Paris Hilton.”

Anyway, this is a photo that Kim Kardashian posted on her Twitter account as a “gift” to her followers. The following Tweet accompanied the trashy photo:

photo of kim kardashian inappropriate twitter pictures nudes photos
I’m just so over this bitch, guys. She had me sucked in for a brief period and I’d thought, “Whoa, maybe there is something to this girl; maybe she does have something that a lot of people just aren’t seeing, and maybe she’s going to actually rise above mediocre reality star fame and make a positive move for herself.” But alas, I was wrong. And I’ve been wrong before, and there’s no shame in that. I’d call a moratorium on Kim Kardashian posts on this site from here on forward, but I have a feeling that Kim’s only going to become more and more desperate as the years go by, and really, who wants to miss out on watching that big-assed disaster float by?

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