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Just in Time for You to No Longer Care Anymore, the Men in Black III Trailer Has Arrived!

“Why so sour, Sarah?”

Why? Well, first, it looks like they spliced together sixty-odd different frames from the previous Men in Black movies in order to accomplish the completion of this trailer, so, good for you movie guys, on being industrious and efficient and using your budget well.

Second. IS THAT ADRIEN F-CKING BRODY at the :25 mark? IS IT? How did no one tell me that he was in this movie?! Probably because it wasn’t. And he isn’t. And now I’m even more biased against this film.

Third. It gets way better after :45, because there’s apparently a K – Tommy Lee Jones – impersonator ’round the compound, willing to spread secrets like spilled molasses in cheap cabinetry on a hot day, though everyone (aside from J – Will Smith – of course) thinks K’s been dead for 40 years or something. Original, right?

In all seriousness, though, I’m probably only being a grump of a grump today because it seems like it took the film execs so damn long to stop dragging their feet over this movie. Frankly, it doesn’t look awful, and I did love the other films in the series, so I’m probably going to see it. It’s got time-travel in it, so really, how bad could it be?

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