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Lindsay Was Robbed (Again)

Photo: Lindsay Lohan, leaving Ken Paves' hair salon on December 5

Poor Lindsay Lohan! Has anyone been burgled as frequently as Lindsay? Her home was robbed in 2009, and in 2010 she claimed that her BFF Pootie Aufdenkamp had stolen from her, too. Then, in Cannes last year, someone walked off with Lindsay’s purse.

And! Lindsay was robbed last night, this time in Hawaii. The scoop:

Sources close to Lindsay tell TMZ, Linds had been at a house party in Laie, Hawaii for about two hours—NOT drinking—and accidentally left her $5,000 Chanel purse in the car. When she came out, the purse was gone.

According to sources, the purse contained her passport (and other ID), her probation paperwork—giving her permission to take the trip—and lots of cold hard cash…


This is pretty serious business, you guys. If Lindsay misses her court date on Wednesday, she could end up in jail. Also, the Chanel purse alone would have paid for nine lip injections.

Ugh, and having your ID stolen when you are traveling is just the worst. One time I was mugged at gunpoint: it was 11 P.M. and I was (uncharacteristically) stone-sober, when my criminal cornered me in a vestibule in an apartment building. It was terrifying. He ran off with my ID, money, debit cards, and phone. That incident indefinitely stranded me in Brooklyn. I mean, I was able to get a new passport and finally fly home, but it’s like, yeah, never again.

Oh. Also, in 2006, my car was stolen from a parking garage. Police found it two years later, just ditched on the side of the road, chillin’. The car was a silver Honda, and its name was Pippin. I miss you, Pippin.

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  • tip: instead of telling us your life stories why dont you address the actual issue? it is faaake! she did not lose her purse, it was not stolen. she has pulled this shit before remember? i think she just wants to extend her vacation so she is starting to recycle her cons. who takes their passport in their purse, is there no safe box at her hotel? this smells fishy x 1000!

  • She’s probably setting this up early just in case she needs an excuse for not making it back to court on Wednesday. She plans on using the “someone stole my passport excuse” again. How much you wanna bet she doesn’t realize you dont need a passport to come home from Hawaii.!

  • “Pootie Aufdenkamp”? That sounds like a Sim’s name. Like, you know, a Sim from the game The Sims. It doesn’t sound like a real person’s name.