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What the Hell: The “This is Michael Buble’s Wife?!” Edition

photo of luisana lopilato pictures lingerie posing in lingerie pictures
Michael Buble is just … OK, let’s face it: he’s not hot. He’s way talented, and I like a lot of his music (especially his Christmas renditions), and he might be a perfectly nice guy when he’s not slamming women with misogynistic labels like “bitch,” which I’d normally be OK with, but something about him publicly bashing Kim Kardashian just didn’t really settle all that well with me, truth be told. He also allegedly cheated on one of the sweetest girls in the world, Emily Blunt, time and time and time again, so there’s also that. I don’t know. I’m not saying that this Luisana Lopilato is with him for any other reasons than pure, unadulterated love, but Michael Buble – to me – is not exactly a prize.

She’s awfully pretty, though, huh?

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  • Ohshe was a massive star in every single Spanish-speaking country a few years ago with her tv soap, Rebelde Way. I remember when she came to my city in Spain the fans queueing up to meet her smashed the glass windows of a department store because they were so anxious. She reminds me of my teenage years!

    • Did I miss something? Did Jenn write this?

      *shakes head back and forth* Noooo, Sarah did.

      Did Jenn, perhaps, psychic-like, send you special coded messages like that lady watching Phil Donahue? (Yes, that makes me old. *sigh* And the peanut version is that she thought when he blinked his eyes (on the tv show) that he was sending her special coded messages. She was a bit odd. *nudge nudge*)

      Do you have lots and lots of cats (like over 20) that are your special friends? Do you eat cat food out of the tin with them?

      Perhaps aliens are sabotaging your air conditioner or the US State Department is sending people to mess with you when you go out?

      I know! Maybe you have Coprographia!

      And I thank you for that, because it is a condition that so rarely comes up in conversation.

  • I’m not sure what she’s doing with him, but they’ve been “engaged” for a while (since 2009). I guess she was in a video of his and he hit it off with her?

    They just got married in May.

    I was wondering if the poor girl ever wore clothes (and a quick google doesn’t help that), but she was a spokesperson for Promesse. So I guess that fits.

    She’s pretty though.

  • luisana is a sweet girl, i met her a few years ago. i dont think she’d marry just for convenience. and yeah she’s extremely famous here! chiquititas, rebelde way, casados con hijos, all hits, not to mention being the main model for a popular fashion brand, 47 street
    sorry if i made any mistakes, english is not my first language