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photo of dogs animals dressed up like harry potter pictures photos
I’m not usually a fan of people dressing their animals up – and not because I think it’s all noble and kind to revere animals like PETA does, worshiping them and not, you know, wanting to embarrass them – but because it’s stupid. It’s flat-out stupid. If you want to go ahead and dress your dog or cat, I’m alright with that. Just don’t expect me to reciprocate or join in the fun by making my coonhound parade around in booties, sweaters, cell phone holders or watches. They’re animals, ffs.

Anyway, in case the headline wasn’t clear enough, the following photos are dogs dressed up like Harry Potter characters. It’s actually pretty amusing, on the whole, and I guess if I *did* decide to go nuts and dress my dog up, it might be in this kind of attire. I’d be Hermione, of course.

Images courtesy of the Daily Mail