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So, Did Kate Gosselin Get Plastic Surgery or What?

photo of kate gosselin pictures photos pics before and after plastic surgery
And by asking “or what,” I definitely mean “or plastic surgery,” because as far as I’m aware, no one ages in reverse – especially snaggly bitches who belittle their kids and husband in public for monetary gain.

Namely, the plastic surgery has a lot to do with facial fillers. Maybe something with her jaw. And definitely something with the bridge of her nose. I mean, what is that? Whatever she did to the skin/bone in that area positively makes her appear to be of Asian descent or something. Her eyes look so far apart now. All I know is that *something* is majorly different with Kate-girl‘s face, and I’m not going to be able to sleep ’til I figure out what it is. Now if they could only come up with some kind of personality surgery, Kate might be a tolerable person, you feel me?

Before and after image courtesy of Cele|bitchy

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  • I think she looks great and if her husband did not act like child #9 she might have cut him some slack as for how she treats the the kids…. better than some and worse than other Moms but since you think it’s a piece of cake taken care of eight kids why don’t you try it 24/7 for a week or so.

  • She got a nose job. The tip is more contoured (that’s what she said) and the part near her eyes is flatter. This would make her eyes look farther apart.

  • she looks good, but…i just find it creepy when women completely change their face with plastic surgery. it’s like they’re not the same person anymore…and their face doesn’t move the same like they’re wearing a mask…like an alien in a realistic human mask….or a robot.

    • Plus as they get old their face really gets odd and scary looking. I wonder how many people who have plastic surgery end up regretting it. It’s just weird and kinda sad that one would be that displeased with their own unique faces, that they choose to let someone else alter it forever. Beware, there’s no turning back!