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Mike Rowe Sues Mike Rowe

Mike Rowe is a really popular guy.

You probably know Mike Rowe as the host of Dirty Jobs, and if not, you know him as the spokesman in a slew of Ford Motor ads. (Or maybe you’ve never heard of him! Because you don’t have a TV! Whatever!)

But Mike Rowe wishes you guys weren’t all so stuck on Mike Rowe. Of course I am referring to the other Mike Rowe, who is serving time in a prison in South Dakota. And he’s sick and tired of his fellow inmates teasing him about being named Mike Rowe.

“I am subject to this ridicule every day that I live,” Mike Rowe says.

So Mike Rowe copyrighted the name. And now he is suing Mike Rowe of Dirty Jobs. What a drama queen.

Above: Mike Rowe, maybe in 1992, pitching lava lamps on QVC. He was fired from that job three times. Before QVC, Mike Rowe was a professional opera singer.

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  • I would be very surprised if this case doesn’t fully chucked out of court at a speed rate of hyperspace. On a side note, for some reason I find the TV Mike Rowe annoying, and I’m not sure why. He reminds me of the neighbor that comes over into your yard while you’re putting up a new fence, wants to provide you all this brilliant advice about how to do it right, and then leaves before having to lift a fucking finger to actually help.

    • I have no idea who this Mike person is as I don’t watch teevee.

      But I have a cure for your issue. When someone comes over and I’m building or fixing something and starts blathering on, I simply ask them to hold something (bolt, nail, screw, board, or something) and then *BAM!* I hit the offending idiot with a tool.

      It shuts them up and usually drives them away.

      However, for the 5% (or so) that do stay, hand them the tools and tell them you’re gonna go get something to put on that hand. Then go get a nice beer while they “help” you.

      If they aren’t gone when you get back, have them hold the cold beer you’re drinking and don’t offer them one.

      They usually get the hint and leave after that.

      I admit that I’m usually concentrating and not in the best mood when I’m working.

    • Well, you can’t do that in America either.

      You can sue someone, if you are famous and your looks are your living and someone attempts to use your likeness for profit.

      Such as I can’t make Elvis buttons and sell them if I’m alluding to the King.

      Dirty Jobs, however, is only the butt of a joke.

      A famous case in the US is a man that set up a hamburger joint called McDonalds. The huge chain sued him, and almost won … until the ACTUAL McDonald family that has been around for centuries showed up and *ahem*’d them into submission.