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Samantha Ronson Update: Hey! Whose Baby Is That?

Photo: Samantha Ronson and New Girlfriend Erin Foster Picnic at Coldwater Park

It looks like Lindsay Lohan’s ex, Samantha Ronson, is back in the swing of dating. So who’s the lucky lady? And more importantly, who does that baby belong to?

The Daily Mail and the ol’ photo wire both identify Sam’s trim blonde friend (they can share skinny-legged jeans!) as 29-year-old Erin Foster. Yeah, me neither. But after some digging, I see that she is the ex-stepsister of Brody Jenner. And she was on The O.C., too! So those are some things!

Anyway, the baby is apparently Foster’s niece. The couple took the kid to a park in Beverly Hills yesterday, and Ronson was always right there at the bottom of the slide, waiting to catch the kid. (D’aaawww.) In other photos, they’ve spread a towel or blanket on the grass, probably to have a picnic. And Ronson looks so happy in these photos! Hell, so does the baby.

In still other photos, Erin Foster and Samantha Ronson are both using the park’s wastebasket. I threw out those photos—it’s like, why?—but I thought you might want to know. Samantha Ronson never litters.

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  • She is a hilarious blogger, too. She also does a column “Single Girls Guide” on Molls & Co.’s Hello Giggles. Funny girl.

  • They been dating for a long time. It was on E! ages ago. And Foster is the daughter of David Foster. Huge music producer.

    • See, I was going to say the opposite. More of a headline of “Known friends hang out. One is known lesbian. Obviously dating.” She documents her single life pretty extensively.

      • I read her blog too but it’s pretty well known they been dating since the summer. Google it. Her blog isn’t up to date biographical material i guess. Samron was also Erins date at her dads wedding.