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D’aaaawww! It’s Justin Bieber’s First Paternity Scandal!

Photo: Look! It's Tristyn Yeater, Justin Bieber's alleged love child!

Our little baby is growing up! Star Magazine has the shocking “first photo” of Justin Bieber‘s infant love child—wait, what? I know, right? And yeah, no, I sincerely doubt that the Biebz fathered a child backstage after a concert.

But anyway, Star reportedly has the “first photo” of Bieber’s progeny. Over at Radar, Star put Star‘s logo right atop the baby’s face, just to mess with us, but I found a scan of tomorrow’s issue of Star elsewhere. (Nice try, Star.)

So get this. Twenty-year-old fan Mariah Yeater is suing Justin Bieber in what is probably the weirdest paternity suit in the history of Ever. She alleges that she, ahem, took the Canadian pop star’s virginity backstage after an L.A. concert, and that her baby was born “exactly 36 weeks and two days after the sexual encounter.” Yeater’s full description of the encounter sounds a little bit like wishful thinking—CeleBitchy astutely calls the allegations “fanfic”—but Yeater does conclude that their tryst was, errr, “brief.” Thirty seconds, actually. Cough.

Of course Bieber’s representatives have roundly denied Yeater’s allegations already, but honestly, I’m a little surprised they’ve dignified the paternity suit with a comment at all.

Image via the Daily Mail.

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    • Um, wow. Yeah. She was 19 during the supposed rendezvous, but somehow I completely missed the part where the purported sex was actually illegal.

      • If he was at the age of consent at the time, then it wasn’t statutory rape. The 19 yr old however, could be charged with having sex with a minor. Points to ponder….. But I really hope the little bastard is his!!!

    • Hmmmmm….. California law states that statutory rape is engaging in unlawful sexual intercourse with a minor. Mea culpa…

    • A paternity test can return a false-positive 1:10000. Most tests aren’t any better than that.

      She could be hoping for the Lottery. If I were in his shoes, I’m not sure I’d roll the dice. He isn’t the father anyway. I’d bet his shoes on it.

  • Well, I don’t know about “weirdest”.. That Keanu one was pretty f-ed up (and coincidentally he’s on this cover as well)!

  • I’m not a Beiber fan by any stretch, but this lady’s full of crap.

    She screams desperate.

    Anyway, Beibs seems like the type that’d plan the whole thing out to make it mean something (if he’s still a virgin, which I doubt). I don’t guess there’s anything wrong with that, but I’m not seeing a spur-of-the-moment bathroom and certainly not her version.

    Although every time I visualize Beibs saying what she said he did, I crack up laughing (like I just did), which is good. Never enough laughter in life.