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Chris Brown Embarrasses Himself, Shows Us What He’s Packing Again

photo of chris brown performing on stage penis pictures
But this time – THIS TIME! – he’s gone and shrink wrapped the shit in some kind of shiny green polyurethane blend that’s probably giving him testicular cancer as we speak. The photo isn’t exactly NSFW (oops, this link is), but I’m going to stick it below the jump just in case there are reps for, like, Sesame Street wanting to buy ad space on our site and in that case, here’s a little Elmo ditty that’s totally appropriate for the accompanying photo.

Jump in to see the Green Lantern Wang!

photo of chris brown pictures photos penis nudes pics green plastic photo

Seriously, I’m actually kind of grossed out by this. I like penis as much as the next (and I mean “penis in general,” not specifically penis of women-beaters), but I don’t know. Something about this photo (and the accompanying smell of green-wrapped balls) is just way nasty to me.

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  • Is it just me, or does he look to be…pencil-ish? Dude: you don’t really have anything to be proud of, so stop showing it off, mmkay?

  • Whoa! Impressive!

    Silly, but impressive!

    What exactly is he trying to say here????

    Great that you love your big schlong so much, but aren’t you being a bit of a show-off?

    Maybe this is his idea of andvance promotion for his concerts. A milliion adolescent lady boners will equal a milliion tickets sold

  • Seems like a confident young man, although he may not be aware that some “ladies” & men prefer a little mystery and like unwrapping the goodies @ a more private and intimate moment!
    He’s a talented guy…genetics provided him with his “favorite asset” may he continue to use it in good health! ? How do we know for sure it was Chris in the Green Lantern costume???

  • Remember this guy has the money to have 50x enlargements if he wishes, which psychologically usually gives males the impulse to show off more.

  • It’s a flipping costume dude really calm down. You clicked on this story cause you were curious so don’t try to bash on him now. Beside it’s a picture he took for his twitter so you care and you like what you saw…

  • oh oh…….am a virgan bt wtf….hooo i lost ma breath coz his totaly hooot, he got it and seems like his proud of it..Go Chrisssss….do ur thing man…lol

  • ayeeyee! chris come and fuck me you look hotter in that thing, my pants are wet right now mmmmmmmmmmhhhhhhhhhhh!

  • even if uv got the big gun y display it all in the public if u r really dat good u dont nid 2 advertise uaself.IMAO,ROFL