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I Just Really Don’t Get This Chris Brown Thing

photo of chris brown and fans in new york city pictures photos pics

I know we’re supposed to be all forgivey-forgivey in this life, but this? This picture of many young women all excited to skulk up to Chris Brown and have their photo taken? It really makes me scratch my head. Are we, as a society, so enamored and fascinated by celebrities that we’re willing to overlook absolutely everything that’s happened in the past (even OJ Simpson had his fans after his trial, and though I said I wouldn’t speak of this horrible bitch ever again, Casey Anthony‘s been receiving donations from male “admirers” since her verdict was reached)?

I know what Chris Brown did was supposedly small potatoes compared to the other two examples, and I know a lot of you guys are going to say “ugh, give it up, move on with your life, EVERYONE THAT’S ACTUALLY INVOLVED HAS,” but it’s stuff like this that really makes me shake my head. Maybe I’m of a different mindset than the young, unsuspecting girls in the photo above, but I’d be damned if I’d let go of my principles just to indulge a brief star-struck whim.

Have I “forgiven” Chris Brown? Nah, I guess not maybe. But I don’t matter in this thing. But do I think that having mindless adoration from people who don’t even know the real you may only encourage you to justify that kind of behavior: “Well maybe what I did actually wasn’t all that bad, maybe, was it?” And I? Well, I just don’t think that this dude is a very nice guy, even aside from the whole Rihanna thing.

Who knows. Maybe I’m talking out of my ass, but hey. That’s what these damned blogs are for.

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  • “But I don’t matter in this thing” No. You don’t just Chris & Rihanna. And She’s forgiven him…. you’re irrelevant! Good day!!

  • I thought the same thing when he was on the Today show this morning with hundreds of adoring fans (who had waited DAYS to see him) screaming in the background. I mean, really??

  • I completely agree. It’s not like I give two shits anymore over stuff I can’t change but I shake my head over the stupidity of idol worship. Especially when the idol isn’t worthy of smelling my farts.

  • I maintain that the ONLY reason anybody knows Chris and Rihanna’s names is because he beat the shit out of her. I couldn’t name one of their songs or even recognize their voices on the radio.

  • In regards to Cherrie’s comment – Everyone has a right to their opinion. Obviously yours is in favor of Chris Brown the fucking woman beater. Eat shit. Rihanna can’t exactly dog him and make negative comments about him all the time because would that be professional? No. She is being what she has to be to sell her records. I HIGHLY doubt she’s ‘forgiven’ him and now they’re BFF’s….Yeah, not. So whatever.

    As for my opinion, I really really liked him when he first came out as an artist. I thought, man, this guy is gonna be HUGE. I thought the same thing about Kanye West. Now look at them, they are both huge fucking morons. One of them is a woman beater and the other is an arrogant cock sucker who steals the show when people get awards that he doesn’t agree with. And Kanye has the gall to say HE MADE TAYLOR SWIFT FAMOUS!? HA HA FUCKING HA, what a god damned joke. I would rather listen to Slayer than these two idiots. I wouldn’t waste ONE CENT on their cause. How in the hell could anyone want a relationship with someone who’s gonna bash their head in when they get angry with them? WTF is wrong with people? I don’t give two shits if they have ‘good songs’, they’re morons with nothing between their ears but a voice, being helped by their managers and their record companies. Without their help and their voice, they are just total screw ups. That’s my opinion. :)

  • Fame used to be contingent on talent, now all you have to do is act like a narcissistic shitbag all the time. He’s just one of a number of assclowns jumping on this trend.