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Watch This: Courtney Stodden, Pageant Queen

Nope, we still aren’t done with Courtney Stodden, and whatever she and her mother are up to is totally working, it devastates me to admit.

Here’s the precocious Mrs. Hutchison as a 15-year old, competing in the Miss Washington Teen USA Pageant. You can see how, even in the distant, uh, back in 2010, little Court is already demonstrating her unique and special brand of gammin’ and struttin’. Looking good, kid!

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  • Ummmm why did you not mention the girl who almost ate shit in the background on one of the close-ups of courtney?? THAT was the highlight of this video.

  • Ha! She was teen Miss Ocean Shores? I used to vacation there as a kid. Even though I love that place, there’s nothing there! It has a population of like 100, about 98% of that being old people. Maybe that’s where her taste in men came from. I didn’t even know she was from Washington, that’s hilarious.