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Since When Is Lisa Ling an Actor?!

Photo: Lisa Ling was doing, I don't know, something for Oprah, on October 17

OK, here is what I already know about Lisa Ling without actually peeking:

– Lisa Ling was a reporter for Channel One News, which aired in public schools like mine. (Channel One also helped to launch the journalism career of one not-yet-silvery Anderson Cooper, as I recall. Also: a lot of the employees at Current TV got their start at Channel One.)

– Lisa Ling’s little sister, a Current TV journalist, was imprisoned in North Korea.

– Lisa Ling was on The View really early on—you know, way back when it was credible, before we all giggled/gasped at clips from The View.

– She’s, like, friends with Oprah or something.

So WHYYYYYY is Lisa Ling starring in an ABC sitcom? As far as I can tell, she once played a doctor on the TV show Ed (remember it?), and that’s it. That’s it!

The sitcom is tentatively titled No. One Son—like, #1 Son? I guess?—and it’s about the familial cultural clash that ensues when a Chinese-American girl marries an Irish/Italian-American boy. STARRING LISA LING. You guys! This is weird.