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Blake Lively Won’t Leave My Beloved Ryan Reynolds Alone

Photo: Blake Lively, and her dumb hat, and my beloved Ryan Reynolds

Today is Ryan Reynolds‘ birthday, and guess who’s celebrating? Me! I am! I have a cake and a party hat and this plaintive-sounding party kazoo and everything. I’m all ready. Happy 35th birthday, Ryan!

Wait. Who’s that? Who’s that anonymous blonde who flew to Boston to hang out with Ryan all Birthday Weekend long? Oh, no. It’s Blake Lively! Gee, she sure got over her last relationship pretty quickly.

Hmph. According to Radar, this is the third weekend in a row the pair have been spied together. I’d never had strong feelings about Blake Lively before—although I’ve been impressed, admittedly, by her demonstrative moxie—but I recently slept through Green Lantern, and I’m beginning to think this girl is the worst. Ugh.

Plus, this particular celebrity pairing is soooooo obvious. Truth is, I was perfectly content believing Ryan Reynolds and Charlize Theron were an item. FROM CHARLIZE TO THIS? RYAN, HOW DARE YOU.

(Images of the new couple sneaking around via Radar.)